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Advantages and Disadvantages of Giant Stadiums:

Here are some things you need to know about giant stadiums.
By Expert Tips
Date: June 07 2021
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The United States has the most significant number of giant stadiums globally, with capacities of over 100,000 people. These include the Michigan, Beaver, Ohio, Kyle Field, Neyland, Tiger, Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, and the Bryant–Denny Stadium. However, the Narendra Modi Stadium is the largest stadium with a capacity of 132,000 in India. North Koreas' Rungrado 1st of May Stadium holds the second position with a capacity estimate of 114,000.

Stadiums have a rich history ranging from the natural amphitheatres created thousands of years ago to improve the viewing of actual events. People can now join any gaming platform online and play free slots no download or watch a live game with a fantastic view of the giant stadiums online. It is one of the advantages of having a giant stadium while the cost of construction and materials and resources in use are some of the disadvantages. 

Advantages Disadvantages
Increase a country's revenue Cost is very high
Boosts the economy of the country

Harmful to the environment  

Source of Urban Power, Housing and Public Space It consumes a lot of resources

Increase a Country's Revenue 

Mark Murphy highlights that stadiums today come with designs that allow multipurpose applications. These include but aren't limited to sports, concerts, community events, and private events or exhibitions. As a symbol of the country's civic pride, the stadiums can regenerate the amount invested. For instance, in the 1960s, festivals and musical artistry celebrations and launches often occur in giant stadiums. Today, the technology put into the development of the stadiums provide corporate organizers and clients room to create economic and revenue-generating events. 

The overall design comes with several features that ensure the application of the stadium in income and revenue-generating activities. Brett Downing highlights the presence of modern automation devices such as PA and VA systems as ensuring stadiums are more innovative, more capable, and flexible in their use. According to Davies, digitization, such as better communication and internet connectivity, makes an event more interesting and personalized for the viewer, especially if in a concert or music launch. 

Boosts the Economy of the Country

Many advocates argue for the benefits of building giant stadiums. Most indicate that the stadiums will spur economic growth in the region's area, promoting the overall national economy. The highlight of the argument is that "Stadiums are self-financing." Any subsidies provided by the local government and other support companies are offset by the revenue generated in a single session, such as a sports season. For instance, the Kansas City Chiefs made revenue of $435 million in 2020. The stadium alone has a value of $263 million. 

Revenues from giant stadiums come from rentals or hire to private corporations, ticket sales during a sports season, and sales taxes from activities within and outside the stadium. However, an economics expert at Stanford, Roger Noll, highlights that stadiums do not spur local economic growth as many tend to advise during its construction to completion. He indicates that stadiums can only offset their costs if the government is ready to offer subsidies for teams and other events.  

Source of Urban Power, Housing and Public Space

Stadiums are a perfect source of power as modern designs allow for power generation. Many modern and giant stadiums have a canopy composed of many different photovoltaic panels. Since the stadium designs rise high-up in the sky, they generate the perfect environment for micro wind turbines. For instance, in Taiwan, the Kaohsiung National Stadium has more than 8844 panels. Together, the panels generate approximately 1.14GWh in a single year. At the same time, the stadium is eco-friendly and contributes to reducing carbon dioxide by 660 tons. 

Proper housing is also becoming a part of modern stadium designs. For instance, London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park now holds around five residential developments. The idea is not the first as the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has space allocated and developed housing 585 homes. The stadium also includes several schools and spaces for the community where everyone can discuss how to play their favourite games or get True Blue casino no deposit bonus, several cafes and stalls for food, and other merchandise. Plus, a community-based health center, in other words, the modern giant stadiums, is creating small economies that can sustain and develop over time remaining the engine that powers whole nations. 

Cost is Very High 

The US construction activities account for 60% of quality raw materials in use every year, and the percentage does not include food or fuel. The construction industry consumes approximately 50% of the steel products available globally. In addition, over 3 billion tons of building raw materials manufacture new building products every year. For instance, the Krestovsky Stadium, also known as the Saint Petersburg Stadium in Russia, construction costs back in 2018 were around $1.1 Billion. The stadiums do not hold such a large capacity as the most prominent stadiums globally, yet the Wembley Stadium, with a capacity of around 90,000, cost $1.4 billion to build. 

Harmful to the Environment  

The building of the giant stadiums results in the use of extensive amounts of adhesive and paint. Some of the construction paints contain harmful substances that are not eco-friendly such as lead and isocyanates. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Isocyanates are elements/compounds that contain the isocyanate group or –NCO. It is a primary product present in various construction products, including paint, surface coatings, insulation materials, polyurethane rubber, polyurethane foam, and adhesives. Continuous exposure to the Isocyanates without protective gear can lead to cancer in animals, asthma, and lung conditions in humans. If it comes into contact with the skin, you may experience irritation in your eyes, throat, skin, and nose. 

It Consumes a Lot of Resources

The construction industry, which includes giant stadiums and other indoor gaming facilities, accounts for the depletion of natural resources. The building consumes 16% of freshwater, leading to its withdrawal, 40% of the world's energy and natural materials, and approximately 20% of trees/wood that is not dedicated to use as fuel. For instance, the construction of the Michigan Stadium back in 1927 costs around $1 million, which is approximately $15 million today. 


Giant stadiums have a variety of benefits attached to them. These include an increase in revenue generation once the stadium is complete. During events, the stadiums create a mini-economy in the city or area. The stadium allows people to trade in varying products, including sporting gear, food, sleep, or accommodation services. However, giant stadiums also have significant negatives apart from the apple space and relocations of family homes. These include consuming many natural resources, the building costs come from the citizens, and some construction materials are not eco-friendly or safe for use without protective gear. 

In conclusion, the advantages override the disadvantages, and thus, giant stadiums are indeed advantageous to the community, country, and the world as a whole!

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