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How to start a mummy blog as a side hustle:

Simple tips to get you started!
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Date: September 11 2019
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The prospect of starting a mummy blog can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Many are swayed by the unknown given the number of factors that play a role in starting a mummy blog that actually makes money.

From finding out which hosting plan is right for you to creating content and marketing it for revenue, here are some tips on how to get you started. 

P.s. The secret to success for any money making adventure is to go in with the perspective that your mummy blog is a business. By adopting a business mentality, you put in more sweat and tears into making the dream happen.

Choose the right hosting plan

Picking your domain name is as easy as finding something inspirational, that’s available, and going with it. Don’t spend too long being fickle minded here, and go with your heart on this one.

Next, you’ll need to choose the right hosting plan for your mummy blog. Before assuming that a shared hosting plan is right for you, it’s smarter to be better informed than to follow the horde.

There are three types of hosting plans: shared, VPS, and dedicated servers.

With shared hosting, there are too many unknown variables that could negatively affect your blog. You essentially share your resources with countless of other websites which mean that your blog can be as easily affected when another website on the same server sees spikes in their web traffic or resource usage. On the other hand, dedicated servers are simply too expensive when starting out with some going as high as $100s a month. 

Say hello to the VPS a.k.a. the virtual private server. The VPS falls in the middle between shared and dedicated. You won’t need to worry about other website performances affecting your blog nor do you have to worry about costs being as high as dedicated servers. No visitors leaving because your web pages are taking too long to load. No losing potential customers and revenue due to higher reliability. 

In fact, VPS plans are now competitively priced from as low as $10 a month similar to shared hosting plans. If you have the budget for it, a VPS hosting plan is ideal for a mummy blog looking to grow into a successful side hustle. After all, your new venture might claim its status with the elite blogs receiving hundreds of thousands of visits a month.

Create a content plan

It’s easy to come up with an effective content plan based on popular topics within the mummy circle. All you have to do is head to the popular platforms where mums hang out such as Pinterest, Facebook and parenting forums to see which topics are trending. Popular topics mean topics that are in demand and have a large audience hungry to learn more.

From there, you can sift through the things you want to focus on in your mummy blog. It’s always a good idea to start small and grow from there. If you have a passion for arts and crafts for kids, then start by building the blog with different types of arts and crafts. 

Clearly define the theme of your mummy blog. For example, if you’d like it to be about the adventures of your kids, then make it that. If you’d like to focus on recipes for kids, focus on that. You don’t want to fall into the trap of having articles that don’t make sense together such as health topics mixed in with kid activities and games. 

It’s worth noting that mummy blogs with lots of visuals in particular topics such as crafts, recipes, lifestyle and homesteading do extremely well when incorporating original, unique pictures. All you need is a smartphone to do the job and with a little editing, it’ll look as good as professional.

Once you’ve figured out what articles you want to write about, head off to UberSuggest which is a free keyword tool to find out how many searches a keyword gets a month followed by how difficult it will be to rank that keyword on Page 1 of Google. Keywords are search terms people type in to find the topic your blog is about. For example, if your article is about dinner recipes for kids, the keyword you’d be looking at would be “dinner recipes for kids” and its variations. 

Incorporate these keywords into your blog post as naturally as possible without making them sound forced in or unreadable. A great content writer is one who can seamlessly integrate keyword usage while keeping the content fun to read. 

Be firm on your revenue sources

With so many shiny revenue sources marketed online, it can be distracting to decide on how you’d like to make money with your mummy blog. 

The two most common revenue sources for mummy blogs are ad revenues from Google and Mediavine and affiliate commissions from eComm giants the likes of Amazon.

It’s worth noting that you will have to be approved for ad revenue platforms which means your blog must already generate a decent volume of web traffic. In comparison, affiliate sites don’t require high traffic to start making commissions.

Hone down on a marketing strategy 

If you’ve ever looked into how to make money with a mummy blog, you’d realise by now that the marketing platforms to get your blog name out there is overwhelming. 

From Pinterest to YouTube to Instagram to Facebook (and so much more), it’s hard to figure out which one you should start with. 

The best advice to take is to focus on the platform you already are most familiar with. Your existing knowledge gives you the advantage of understanding audience behaviour and demands.

Develop your marketing strategy focused on one marketing platform instead of trying to make many work at the same time. The more time and effort you devote into making one thing work for you, the better the result will be compared to putting only half the effort. 

Hold out for a while now

Many failed mummy blogs will tell you that they quit before the year mark with many of them trailing off in efforts far before that.

The point of success is to make your efforts consistent. If you say you’re going to post new blogs four times a week, do it for the next year ahead. 

Having a clear plan of action will get you ahead of the game. It’s also worth noting that the Google’s organic rankings game takes time to kick in with many new websites only seeing successes as late as 12 months in.

Because of this slow organic impact, you should always work toward making your blog known on social platforms like Pinterest and Facebook while you also grow out on your organic rankings. 

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