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6 things that mums who use vapes should know:

Here are things that mums who vape should keep in mind
By Expert Tips
Date: June 16 2023
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If you're a mum who vapes then you may already know that you need to be extra cautious when it comes to where you carefully store your vaping supplies so that they absolutely cannot be reached by anyone other than yourself, especially youngsters and pets. With little ones and pets as curious as they are, the smart thing to do with all of your vaping supplies–be it vaping devices, e-liquid or components like vape pods–is to securely store them inside of a locked area that's out of sight.

While this might seem obvious to some mums, not all of the things in this list of things that mums who vape should know necessarily are, which is why every mum that uses a vape should read this entire article! Don't worry, it's not that long and you may very well learn something important that you may not have otherwise known.

Here are 6 things that mum who vapes should know

The first and perhaps the most obvious thing you should know as a mum who vapes is proper storage of your vaping supplies. As this was addressed only briefly above, it's time to dive into the topic in more detail so that you know where the best places are to store your supplies and why it's important to carefully consider where you place your supplies when you're not using them.

#1 Keep anything you use to vape locked up safely

Leaving a bottle of e-liquid out, especially if it looks like something that might be tasty as quite a few of them do, is a huge mistake and a potentially fatal one at that. Even a small component of your device like a vape pod can prove to be a choking hazard for both kids and pets.

To protect your little ones and your pets, you need to be absolutely certain that no one other than yourself can access your vaping supplies. This means storing them somewhere safe like a locked container that you stash somewhere out of sight. You might also use a locked cabinet that only you have the key to. Wherever you decide to store your supplies, make sure that you're the only one who can get to them.

#2 Never leave your vaping supplies unattended

Whether you're using, charging, or refilling your vape, never leave it unattended. It only takes a moment for someone or something (like a dog) to snatch it. Ideally, keep out of sight and away from any adolescents, children or pets. The same is true for any parts like batteries or carts, as well as containers of vape juice.

If you're using a bottle of e-juice to refill your vape, put it away immediately once you are done using it. Rather than set your vape down when you're not using it, tuck it away in your pocket or in a locked handbag if you happen to carry one that's capable of being locked. This way, your supplies are never left unattended, not even for a moment.

#3 Only buy e-liquid in childproof bottles

The best bottles to store e-liquid in when there are children present are the ones that use "childproof" caps. This little safety feature might not seem like much but it can prevent some little ones from opening the bottle. This should not be your primary line of defence, however, as child-resistant containers are not 100 per cent effective. So even if the e-liquid you buy comes in a childproof container, you should still make a point to never leave your vape juice unattended and to always keep it locked up when you're not using it.

One way to make sure that you're buying e-liquid that comes in child-resistant containers is to buy e-liquid that's manufactured in the European Union. Vape juice that is manufactured in the EU must adhere to TPD regulations requiring e-liquid bottles to use childproof caps and nozzles that limit the flow of e-liquid coming out of the bottle.

There are a lot of vape stores out there, but not all of them stock and sell e-juice that's made in the EU. To ensure the e-liquid you buy is in a childproof container, make sure you buy your vape liquid from a vape shop that only sells TPD e-liquid. If you're not sure about a shop, you might want to ask them if the e-juice they carry complies with EU requirements.

#4 Find somewhere secluded to use your vape

Kids are impressionable and should never be exposed to vaping. This is why you, as a responsible mum, should never vape around them. Ideally, they will never so much as see you vape or any of your vaping supplies.

If possible, you should find somewhere secluded to vape where others won't be exposed to the vapour from your e-cigarette or so much as see it. This might be a tall task for some mums but if it's possible it should be done. Of course, it should go without saying but you certainly don't want to ever leave your kids unattended for the sake of a puff off your vape.

#5 Be aware of the signs that your kid might be vaping

The use of vapes by students in school bathrooms has been well documented at this point. While not all kids are vaping and there's a good chance that yours are not, it's best to know the signs that your kid might be vaping so that you can address the issue if it ever becomes one.

Signs that your kid might be vaping include:

  • Mood swings

  • Anger

  • Unusual smells

  • Unexplained coughing

If you are a mum who vapes, you might already recognise what different vaping products like the disposable vapes that have become problematic in some schools look like. This will help you more easily identify any strange objects that you come across, but keep in mind that you may not be familiar with all of the many devices that are out there so it's best to investigate further if you find something unusual in their possession.

#6 Set a good example

The only truly acceptable reason to vape is to quit smoking. If you're vaping to quit smoking and you have young ones, you might want to consider having a talk with them about vaping so that they understand why you are vaping and why they should not start vaping.

As a mum and a vaper, you should also avoid vaping where any children or adolescents can see you. The reason for this is that you should set a good example for the next generation so that they don't think it's okay to start vaping because they've seen you doing it. If they do see you vaping, consider discussing your vape use with them so that they are absolutely clear on why you vape and why they shouldn't.

If you search online, you should find guides on how to talk to your kids about vaping. The smart thing to do is educate yourself before you have the talk if that's something you believe you need to do. This way, you won't be unprepared when they ask you questions. Instead, you'll be ready to calmly and accurately answer any questions that they might have.

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