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Unusual Amusement Parks You Didn’t Know About:

If you're fond of amusement parks, you might want to check these out!
By Expert Tips
Date: August 16 2021
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Who doesn't love amusement parks? I'm not the type of person who's scared to go on a roller coaster or anything like that, but some of these amusement parks are just too much for me. They're so different and wild that it turns my stomach!

Like some amusement parks that are there to play, there are some unusual parks created by using a theme where you can see some themes that will help you realize things in life. Like amusement parks, people can also prefer to play and win some cash in real-time using an online casino real money app. Let’s take a look at some unusual amusement parks that you should visit once in your life: 

  • Grutas Park

  • Haw Par Villa

  • Love Land

  • Dwarf Empire

  • Crocosaurus Cove

  • Ark Encounter

  • Hacienda Nápoles

Grutas Park

The Grutas Park is a theme park in Lithuania that features propaganda for the Soviet Union. A few key takeaways of Grutus Park:

  1. Visitors are greeted with an entrance complete with guard towers and barbed wire fencing, while statues of old leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Marx line each path all around.

  2. The 86 statues on display may seem excessive at first glance, but they remind us about what life was under communism. Their ideology suppressed Lithuanians since it had been founded only nine years ago before being deemed controversial.

  3. A popular tourist destination located southwest of Vilnius in Lithuania is the Grutas Park - a place full of sculptures illustrating communist ideologies used by Siberian Gulags.

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a fantastic and dream-like park in Singapore. The sculptures here were originally created to teach Chinese mythology, but many have been altered by the avant-garde artists who later became involved with this place. There are several large exhibits that depict scenes from ancient myths and folklore.

However, these displays include severed heads riding on ostriches as well as bizarre human figures depicting demons or gods of some sort! Haw Par Villa was filled with life back when it first opened its doors in 1937 due to how popular local families found these works at the time, and now there's an interesting contrast between then and now because you'll also find modern art pieces scattered about which seem very out of place among such gruesome imagery!

In the exhibit of Hell, sinners are shown in their most horrific form. Some suffer a fate worse than death, and others show what they have done to deserve this punishment for all eternity.

Love Land 

Love Land is an amusement park in Jeju Island, South Korea. It's part of a resort complex called Lotte Resort World, which was opened in 1995 and included other water attractions to go with the theme parks!

You can't miss the giant statues of couples engaged in different sexual positions, all for your viewing delight. Love Land is a park dedicated to showing you new and exciting ways love could be expressed from arranged marriages that have been successful there or even just two people who want some experimenting with their sexuality on public display!

If you're not interested in watching films about sex education but feel like taking an adventurous walk through town while getting educated at the same time, then this place is perfect for you. Though everything is available 24/7 online these days, nothing beats seeing something live right before your eyes, so check out what they've got going over!

Dwarf Empire

China is home to an unusual and controversial attraction: The Dwarf Empire. This ‘Kingdom of the Little People’ features a human safari where 100 dwarves carry out daily performances for paying visitors, as well as ballets, qigong routines, and dance shows put on by those who live in the park under their emperor.

While many see this spectacle solely as exploitation that presents people with dwarfism like circus animals, others find it provides meaning in life when they would otherwise have no paid work opportunity at all.

Some Other Popular Amusement Parks You Can Visit

Crocosaurus Cove

Get up close and personal with the Crocosaurus Cove! Head over to see these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat or try out one of our interactive experiences like "the Cage of Death." With this death-defying experience, you're locked into a clear cylinder full of crocodiles for 15 minutes.

You can even feed them yourself while they swim around trying to chew on your leg. This is Australia's only croc dive so don't miss it - proceed at your own risk! Get up close and personal with the gigantic beasts that make Crocosaurus Cove such an unforgettable visit as part of any trip down under (or if you live here)! Be sure not to pass by without taking advantage of stranger things than we've got going inside.

Likewise, you can also visit a place named the House of Jack casino Australia where you can play and win some cash. Here you can bet with players to win some real cash if you're talented and lucky enough.

Ark Encounter

Ark Encounter is a full-size replica of Noah's Ark that will be the largest wooden structure in existence when complete. The 510-foot long boat was built by AIG, which also runs Creation Museum Hebron, and has been estimated to cost $92 million. 

It features displays on how Noah lived aboard the ark so visitors can learn about him firsthand as well as animals being packed into it during their voyage from creation until salvation through Christ Jesus' sacrifice for our sins. Those who visit this giant ship will never forget its significance - with over 10,000 square feet available inside. There are also plenty of ways you could spend your time.

Hacienda Nápoles

Pablo Escobar's former home and the estate is now a theme park. This Colombian-controlled site offers visitors an inside look into the life of this notorious drug smuggler who lived in luxury while smuggling cocaine out of Colombia to North America during his reign (the 1980s).

The grounds include more than just Pablo’s mansion; it also has other attractions such as its own zoo with exotic animals from all over Latin American countries, bullfighting ring where you can watch these deadly beasts fight each other for spectators' amusement or participate yourself by getting on top one!

The best part? Visitors get to experience what it feels like to be wealthy when they walk through Pablo's private plane and airstrip that he used specifically for transporting drugs around the world.


What makes a good amusement park? It's not the rides or the food. You can have all of that and still be left without an experience worth remembering. What really sets one apart is their theme - it has to make sense, with love put into every detail offered for your enjoyment. At some point in time, there was a time when amusement parks were more about the experience, not so much about waiting in line for hours.

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