Losing pregnancy weight:

Losing pregnancy weight is hard work for most women.
By Rhian Allen
Date: December 28 2011
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Losing pregnancy weight is hard work for most women.  Yes there are those lucky few who lose it through breastfeeding but most women still struggle with losing their baby weight even when breastfeeding. 

The weight loss is harder post baby as women now have a number of other priorities to focus on - as well as juggling a new life on very little sleep and with hormones going up and down. 

But the good news is that when a mum does decide she wants to lose her baby weight - and for some mums this is a few months after their baby and for others over 12 months - there are simple things she can do to get regain her pre pregnancy figure:

Top 10 Tips to Lose Baby Weight

1) Cut out any junk or processed foods
2) Increase lean protein in your diet
3) Try having a nutritious smoothie for breakfast
4) Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
5) Plan ahead and pre prepared and healthy snacks in your fridge for when you are hungry
6) Drink green tea which research suggests to help to increase the metabolism
7) Drink more water - this will help digestion as well as helping to control hunger pangs
8) Go for a 30 minute walk every day
9) Do as much incidental exercise as possible around the house
10) Make sure you take measurements when you lose weight as the scales can be deceptive as you start to gain lean muscle

Rhian Allen is the founder of losebabyweight.com.au. For more information on healthy recipes and tips to help you lose your baby weight please visit http://www.losebabyweight.com.au

Have you found it difficult or easy to lose post-pregnancy weight? Tell us about your experience

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