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How to Create a Wonderful Bedroom for Siblings to Share:

Your kids will love the idea of sharing a room!
By Expert Tips
Date: May 17 2016
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Sibling sharing a bedroom could lead to some fights and disagreements. However, this will teach your children the valuable lesson of sharing and respecting their brother or sister. It will teach them how to cooperate and support each other through life. To minimize the tantrum and peacefully live in your home, follow some of these simple tips and create the most perfect bedroom for siblings. 

Have Them Help You

Including your children into designing their own bedroom at the beginning will save you from some complaints and wining later on. Have them pick out the wall art and duvets they desire and only help them make best decisions. Since they are sharing, allow them to even pick their own colour for their side of the room and put up their names on the wall for “marking their territory” so there would be no fights. 

Even the youngest children have some ideas of what they want in their rooms, just steer them in the right way of choosing colours and patterns.

Everyone’s Personal Space

When sharing a bedroom with siblings, each child may feel a bit claustrophobic and they will seek for their own personal space. Your job is to ensure that space for some alone time. Arrange individual desks with lots of drawers and compartments for their special and personal things; give each child a unique separate bookshelf above their bed and give them their separate toy boxes. For example, you can draw a tree on the wall and make the shelves in odd shapes with several angles to make the branches and assign branches to kids; for separate toys, have wicker boxes with labels of their names or plastic boxes in different colours.

Have Some Rules

No matter how old they are, the siblings are bound to argue. To keep the fights to a minimum, you should establish some ground rules. This way you will teach your children how to respect each other, each other’s possessions and personal space. Teach them to ask for permission and knock on the door before entering and they will soon learn how to respect each other. To better understand and follow the rules you should include your kid in making them. They will express what is important to them and they will understand each other better. Also, write those rules together and put them up on the wall. This way, children will have some fun making the board or a list and it will be there to remind them for as long as they need it. 

Empty Floors for More Space

Right there, the greatest adventures are created and the most imaginative and fun games are played, whether it is a simple board game or imaginary adventure into the unknown. That is why you should try and free up as much floor space as possible and probably the best way to do so is setting up bunk beds. Every child is thrilled at the idea of having bunk beds and you should get creative and even introduce a theme. Also, this kind of bed organization leaves your children with plenty floor space for other things, such as lazy bags, doll houses, tents for playing etc. and there will be even enough space for making a huge fort for the whole family. 

Be creative and let your children help you decorate their bedroom. By sharing a bedroom they will learn how important it is to have a sibling and how childhood is a never-ending adventure when you have someone to share it with. 

Lana Hawkins is an architecture student from Sydney. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and remodelling projects. Lana suggests finding tools online for any type of DIY home project.

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