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Parenting by the Stars: January:

Look at the Sun sign of your child below and see what may be happening for him or her during the month of January. There are also a few tips for mums as to what you might also be experiencing during the first month of the year
By Kim Tennant
Date: January 08 2012
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Aries(20/3 – 20/4)

During the first few weeks in January, your Aries child’s main focus will be their life direction and/or a parent. If you have an older child, they may be pondering decisions regarding their future career. Younger ones may become quite fixated on mum or dad. The Full Moon on the 9th falls in your Aries child’s house of home & family, so this area of your little Aries’ life may be quite sensitive for a few days. The New Moon on the 23rd highlights groups of people and friendships. The 23rd, 24th, and 25th are all good times to introduce your Aries child to a new group (such as day care or pre-school) or to children who may become new friends. Mars, the ruler of Aries, goes retrograde on the 24th. Your little Aries may find him/herself quite frustrated during this time, as their natural ability to move forward is curbed. This will be most noticeable in their daily activities. Your little Aries is learning all about patience at this time. Mars goes direct on April 14th, so this is a prolonged time of cosmic learning.

Aries mums may find themselves focusing on where their life is headed this January. However, with your ruler Mars, retrograde at the end of the month, it is not a time to take any action. Be patient and use the next couple of months to make plans. All will happen in good time.

Taurus(20/4 – 21/5)

You might find your little Taurus asking lots of questions during the first few weeks of January. Learning new information about other cultures will be fascinating for them. They may also be looking at their beliefs. Issues of right and wrong might also arise. The Full Moon on the 9th will see your little Taurus communicating in an emotional manner for a few days. If your Taurus child has one or more siblings, it will be the sibling/s who push their emotional buttons around the time of the Full Moon. The New Moon on the 23rd brings your Taurus child fresh energy to focus on their goals.

Taurus mums may be dreaming of a holiday early January. Even if you’re not going anywhere at the moment, it’s a great time to make plans for later on in the year. The New Moon brings energy to help Taurus mums focus on where they want to head in life. Use this energy to manifest a clear focus and go for it!

Gemini(21/5 – 20/6)

As January commences, your little Gemini will probably be in quite a serious frame of mind. He/she may also be very secretive. Your Gemini child might also be asking deeper questions than usual around this time. Things will lighten up in the last week of January. The Full Moon on the 9th will make your Gemini child extremely sensitive regarding his/her self worth. Make sure you take the time to boost his/her self-esteem on 9th, 10th & 11th – your little Gemini will appreciate it. The New Moon on the 23rd brings new beginnings in the area of morals and beliefs. If you want to change any belief system that your child may have, start on the New Moon for better chances of success. For those with school age children, a new beginning may be noticed with a teacher this year.

Gemini mums will also be more intense than they usually are this January. This provides an opportunity to connect with the deeper side of the Gemini nature (something that Gemini’s usually aren’t that comfortable with). Self-esteem may be a little shaky around the Full Moon, so make sure to take time out to do something nice for yourself.

Cancer(20/6 – 22/7)

Your Cancer child is sensitive. He or she is guided emotionally by the ebb and flow of the Moon. On 9th January, the Full Moon sits in the constellation of Cancer. Expect tears, moodiness and hypersensitivity. Remember that this is normal for a little Cancer (and for Cancer mums too). Apart from this three day sensitive period, the main focus for your Cancer child will be his/her close relationships. Best friends will come to the fore. If he/she wants to spend time with a best mate during the first few weeks of January, allow it. They are picking up on the energy of the cosmos and that energy says they want to spend time with someone! The New Moon on the 23rd brings the energy of change. It may also bring a need for your little Cancer to do something that is expressly forbidden, so watch him or her carefully around that time.

Cancer mums may also find that they want to spend time with that special someone during most of January, so take the time out to do it. Use the energy of the New Moon to sort out your joint finances, clear out anything that no longer serves you and make changes that will enrich your life.

Leo(22/7 – 23/8)

For the first few weeks of January your little Leo is going to be focused on either a pet or working for his/her pocket money (or both). Encouraging him/her to do jobs around the house, make his/her bed etc should be easier around this time. Make the most of it – the energy won’t last! The Full Moon on the 9th may see your Leo child withdraw for a few days. He/she will also be extremely sensitive. This is normal behaviour right now as the energy of the Moon is encouraging little Leo’s to take some time out. If your Leo child does have a pet, spending time with the dog, cat, rabbit etc will help him/her emotionally. The New Moon on the 23rd falls in your Leo child’s house of best buddies, so it’s a great time to focus on your little Leo’s close relationships.

Leo mums will be working hard for the first few weeks of January. Co-workers may also be a focus. The New Moon brings new starts to close relationships. Leo mums who want to attract a new someone special or make positive changes to a current relationship need to make a wish list around the 23rd, 24th, 25th to optimize the energy of the New Moon.

Virgo(23/8 – 23/9)

The focus for most of January is fun, for little Virgos. Spending time on leisure interests is just what the cosmos ordered. This is also a great time for little Virgos to work on their self-expression (showing their true essence through their creativity). Virgo children often like to make things that have a practical purpose, so this is a good time to encourage it. There may be sensitive issues around friends when the Full Moon takes place on the 9th. The New Moon on the 23rd is a great time to introduce a new routine into your Virgo child’s life. It’s also a great time to buy a pet or begin toilet training. Mars, planet of action, goes retrograde on the 24th for several months in the constellation of Virgo. During this time your Virgo child may experience a lot of frustration. Encourage some sort of physical activity so that the frustration doesn’t manifest in the form of an accident e.g hitting head, stubbing toes etc. Virgo children may also need more sleep during this time.

Virgo mums will also be undergoing this sense of frustration due to Mars retrograde, and need to remember to take care of themselves. Don’t expect too much from yourself right now. Mars will go direct on the 14th April. Delays and holdups will ease up then.

Libra(23/9 – 23/10)

January sees a focus on home and family for Libran children. They will appreciate the security and comfort of home. Now isn’t the time to be taking them out a lot, as they will like staying in. Visiting family will be enjoyable. The Full Moon on the 9th may see little Librans becoming quite sensitive in regards to a parent. (Relax – this too shall pass)! The New Moon on the 23rd falls in your Libran child’s house of leisure, creativity and self-expression. This is a great time to introduce a new leisure or creative interest to your Libran child. It’s also a great time to encourage their self-expression. As a rule, Libran children tend to be more comfortable doing things with another. Encouraging their own creative expression is a positive way of helping them with their own self-identity.

Libran mums might find that a goal has come full circle or is highlighted in some way under the Full Moon. The New Moon is a great time to set an intent to have another child (if you’ve been thinking about it) or undertake a creative project, as the energy is supportive of these things now.

Scorpio(23/10 – 22/11)

Communication is an important focus for Scorpio children during the first few weeks of 2012. Sibling relationships will also be highlighted. The Full Moon on the 9th falls in little Scorpio’s house of beliefs – so Scorpio children will be very sensitive about what they believe in at this time. It’s best not to challenge your Scorpio child’s beliefs during the Full Moon, as he/she will be easily hurt. Scorpio children may also be more aware regarding issues pertaining to their country and will be extra-sensitive to them under the Full Moon. The New Moon on the 23rd highlights new beginnings regarding home and family. If you want to introduce anything new into the family home, now is the time when your Scorpio child will be most comfortable with it. When Mars (co-ruler of Scorpio) goes retrograde at the end of the month, Scorpio children may experience frustrations regarding their friendships and their wishes, hopes & dreams. Encourage the practice of focus and patience. Things will start to move again mid-April.

Scorpio mums will also be experiencing a lack of movement or direction when it comes to groups they are involved with, friends and their own wishes, hopes & dreams. Patience and perseverance is the key – something that Scorpio mums have in spades.

Sagittarius(22/11 – 21/12)

Self-worth is the main focus for Sagittarian children during most of January. Take the time to boost your little Sagittarian’s self-esteem. It will benefit him/her hugely. There may also be pocket money issues! The Full Moon on the 9th falls in your little Sagittarian’s house of change and transformation, so feelings will run deep at this time. Something may come full circle for your little Sagittarian during the time of the Full Moon. The New Moon on the 23rd indicates new beginnings in the areas of early schooling, communication and siblings. If your little Sagittarian is going to school at the end of the month, expect a fresh start. If they are going to school for the first time, the energy is very supportive. If a new sibling is on the way, now is the time to break the news. It’s also a great time to introduce new forms of communication to your Sagittarian child, such as reading, writing, computers etc.

Sagittarian mums will find that they really need to work on their won self-esteem for most of January. Do something nice for yourself and don’t forget those positive affirmations!

Capricorn(21/12 – 21/1)

Your little Capricorn will be full of beans during most of January. With the Sun in the constellation of Capricorn, he/she will enjoy the attention that it brings. Energy will be high for most of the month. Mercury, planet of communication, is also sitting in the constellation of Capricorn for most of the month, so communication should flow easily. The Full Moon on the 9th brings heightened sensitivity towards those closest to your little Capricorn – especially best buddies. It will also make your Capricorn child very sensitive towards issues of bullying. The New Moon on the 23rd may see your little Capricorn wanting to withdraw for a couple of days. He/she may become interested in activities that he/she can do alone. This is a wonderful time to introduce the concepts of meditation to your Capricorn child – play him/her a meditation CD at night or read from a meditation book. It will bring the peace and relaxation your little Capricorn is seeking at this time.

Capricorn mums may find that they are undergoing a lot of changes at the moment (especially those born on the 30th Dec, 31st Dec, 1st Jan & 2nd Jan). Don’t fight change – go with the energy and life will run a lot smoother. The commencement of new spiritual practices is ideal under the New Moon.

Aquarius(21/1 – 19/2)

January starts off quietly for your little Aquarian. Introduce meditation and quiet time during the first three weeks – your little Aquarian will be open to it. He/she may seem quite withdrawn, preferring to spend time on his/her own. This is natural for this time of the year. Once the Sun moves into the constellation of Aquarius, your little Aquarian will be ready to shine once more. The Full Moon on the 9th, highlights sensitivity around pets and small animals in general. The new Moon in the constellation of Aquarius on the 23rd is a special time for your little Aquarian. It’s a time of new beginnings – so let him/her know that it’s a great time to start over in any area of life that he/she wants to.

Aquarian mums may also find that they need some ‘me time’ during the first few weeks of 2012. Take the time to recharge your batteries and you will be better for it. Use the energy of the New Moon on the 23rd to focus on the person you’ve always wanted to be!

Pisces(19/2 – 20/3)

You will find that your little Pisces will be focused on his/her friendships during the first few weeks of 2012. Although it may be inconvenient at times, encourage your Pisces child’s sociability. Venus moving into the constellation of Pisces on the 14th will further encourage your little Pisces’ social side. The Full Moon on the 9th highlights sensitive issues around leisure interests and what your Pisces child finds fun. The last week of January brings out a more reflective side of your little Pisces. He/she will want to take some time out and spend some time enjoying his/her own company. The New Moon on the 23rd encourages this. Enjoy the peace and allow your little Pisces to relax. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces is probably the most spiritually connected. Meditation will come naturally and is a wonderful way to instill a sense of peace in your Pisces child.

Pisces mums will also find that they enjoy a busy social life through most of January. Enjoy some rest and relaxation as the month comes to a close. Take the time to reconnect with body, mind and spirit.

Kim is a professional astrologer who has a passion for helping mums understand their kids through astrology. She also has a special interest in helping new mums maintain their own identity and uniqueness through exploring their birth chart. Kim has a website with an online store where she has sourced many beautiful spiritual products for children – She also writes a children’s astrology blog –

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