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Parenting by the Stars: March:

Astrology is a wonderful guide for understanding your child. It’s also a great way to look at any issues or themes that might be highlighted throughout the year. Look at the Sun sign of your child below and see what may be happening for him or her during the month of March. There are also a few tips for mums as to what you might also be experiencing during the third month of the year…
By Kim Tennant
Date: March 02 2012
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Aries (20/3 – 20/4)

Mars is shaping up to be a challenging month for your little Aries. Not only is Mars (ruler of Aries) continuing its retrograde phase but Mercury, planet of communication is also turning retrograde on the 12th of the month in the sign of Aries. This indicates that a lot of cosmic Aries energy is turned inward this month. Aries isn’t a sign that is known for its introspection. Expect one of two things from your little Aries. Either he or she will be much quieter than usual or there may be further frustration in the areas of communication and moving forward. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 8th shines light on health issues, routines and family pets. Maybe that toilet training will be mastered then! The New Moon in Aries on the 22nd brings new beginnings, something that Aries can really relate to. Don’t be surprised if your little Aries has a bit of a personality change during this time.

Aries mums will find that the quiet time they sought at the end of February continues for the first few weeks of March. When the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th, Aries mums will be ready to take their place in the limelight once more. Use the energy of the New Moon for a personal make-over.

Taurus(20/4 – 21/5)

Friends will be important to your little Taurus this month, so encourage his or her sociability. The Full Moon on the 8th highlights your Taurean child’s creativity. It may also bring a few dramas. The New Moon on the 22nd is a wonderful time to introduce meditation to your little Taurus. Spending time together in the garden is also a very soothing practice for your little Taurean. Planting seeds on the New Moon and watching them grow throughout the month something that your Taurean child will get a lot out of.  Taurus is an earth sign and this is a way of growing a potential environmental caretaker! Your little Taurus will continue to enjoy quiet time right up until the end of the month.

Taurean mums will also enjoy time with friends during the month of March. Relationships should flow easily now. This month is a good one for joining a new group or focusing on your own wishes, hopes and dreams. Take some time out to dream at the end of the month.

Gemini(21/5 – 20/6)

A parent will be very important to your Gemini child during the month of March. He or she may seem rather quiet during the second half of the month, when the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, goes retrograde in your child’s 12th house. Expression is turned inward, in the house of secrets at this time – so it won’t be unexpected if your Gemini child seems to go inside him or herself for a while. Reading is a wonderful escape for your little Gemini now and fits well with the energy. The Full Moon on the 8th highlights little Gemini’s home and family. The New Moon on the 22nd brings new dreams to dream and the potential for new friendships.

Gemini mums may also find that they are not as chatty as usual this month. Take the time to relax and get to know yourself. Any frustrations you have been experiencing to do with your home and family may come to a head around the time of the Full Moon. Be patient – all will be sorted out mid-April.

Cancer(20/6 – 22/7)

Your little Cancer may develop a fascination with other cultures during the coming month. He or she may also become quite attached to their beliefs. Issues of right & wrong, good & bad may also arise. The Full Moon on the 8th March will highlight sibling issues. Your little Cancerean may also be quite an emotional communicator during this time. The Full Moon is always a very sensitive time for children, but your little Cancerean is the most sensitive of the lot when it comes to lunar energy. The New Moon on the 22nd falls in the 10th house of the Cancerean chart, indicating a new beginning with a parent or life direction.

Cancerean mothers may use the energy in March to take up new studies. It’s also a great time to travel or at the very least, to book a holiday. Your morals and beliefs may also be highlighted in some way this month. Issues of self-worth may also be explored and for many there will be a feeling of going over old ground.

Leo(22/7 – 23/8)

Your little Leo may be more intense than usual this month. He or she may develop a sudden fascination with death (asking questions about what happens after you die) and/or become very interested in things that are normally taboo. The Full Moon on the 8th highlights your little Leo’s morals and beliefs. It also puts the spotlight on learning, especially about other cultures and faraway places. The New Moon on the 22nd will bring an opportunity to work with your Leo child on their self worth. This is also a great time to introduce working for pocket money, if your little Leo is old enough.

Leo mums will feel things very deeply this month. They may be less flamboyant and much more intense. This may be a time where Leo mums will want to have more control over their children.  The New Moon on the 22nd is a great time to start a new job. It’s also a great time to do things to feel good about yourself.

Virgo(23/8 – 23/9)

Relationships will be very important to your little Virgo during the month of March. The ruler of Virgo, Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th of the month. As Mars is already retrograde in the sign of Virgo, this is a time where your little Virgo will get the most out of life by being introspective. Spend time with your Virgo child, helping them to perfect anything they are working on. The Full Moon on the 8th occurs in the sign of Virgo, so there will be certain areas of your little Virgo’s life that are coming full circle. There is also the opportunity for your little Virgo to shine during this time. The New Moon on the 22nd is a great time to introduce anything that will challenge your little Gemini’s mind e.g. jigsaw puzzles.

Virgo mums need to take some time out this month. Spend some time contemplating who you are and what you want in life. Keeping secrets will be easy during March. You will feel very intensely during this time. Use the New Moon to begin afresh with any joint resources you may have.

Libra(23/9 – 23/10)

Continue to encourage your little Libran to do their chores this month, especially when it comes to helping out with the family pets. Relationships are always important for Librans, but in March they will become a major focus. Any issues with friends from when Venus was in Aries should now improve as the ruler of Libra moves into Taurus, a sign it is much more comfortable in. The Full Moon on the 8th highlights the need for some quiet time. Your little Libran will usually thrive in the company of another, but may prefer a little time alone during the Full Moon. The New Moon falls in the 7th house of the Libran chart, indicating the potential for new beginnings regarding relationships.

Libran mums may find that relationship issues are also highlighted for them during the month of March. Taking the time out to connect on a spiritual level is perfect during the Full Moon. Starting any relationship under the New Moon will also be good timing.

Scorpio(23/10 – 22/11)

The month begins with a focus on fun for your little Scorpio. Help him or her take some time out from all that intensity and have a good time. Creative projects are also recommended. The Full Moon on the 8th highlights friendships and any groups that your Scorpio child may belong to e.g. playgroup. The New Moon on the 22nd brings opportunities to start projects with your Scorpio child such as toilet training, helping out around the house and learning to take some responsibility for looking after the family pet. Routine will become very important to your little Scorpio towards the end of the month.

Scorpio mums may find that they take up a new hobby or leisure interest this month. Wishes, hopes and dreams will be highlighted under the Full Moon so start dreaming now. The New Moon is a great time for Scorpio mums to begin a new health regime.

Sagittarius((22/11 – 21/12)

Home and family are a major focus for your little Sagittarius during the month of March. One parent in particular may be of special importance. The Full Moon on the 8th brings the other parent into the spotlight. The New Moon on the 22nd is the perfect time for you Sagittarian child to learn a new leisure activity. The focus on fun will continue right up until the end of the month and beyond…. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. This planet joins with Venus (lover of good times) for a good chunk of the month, bringing the potential for overindulgence. Caution your little Sagittarian to have all things in moderation.

Sagittarian mums will be devoted to their family for most of March. By the end of the month they will be ready to let their hair down and do something that they enjoy! Be careful not to overdo the good times, something that Sagittarian mums are prone to doing.

Capricorn(21/12 – 21/1)

There will be a strong focus on communication for your little Capricorn this month. Siblings will also be important in some way. The Full Moon on the 8th highlights your Capricorn child’s morals and beliefs in some way. A holiday may also be brought into the light. The New Moon on the 22nd brings the potential for new beginnings in the home. This is a great time to help your little Capricorn get his or her room sorted. Home and family will increase in importance to your Capricorn child as the month moves on.

Capricorn mums may find themselves active in their local community during March. Neighbours may also be highlighted in some way. The Full Moon on the 8th brings a focus on higher learning and/or travel. Enjoy the comforts of home at the end of March.

Aquarius(21/1 – 19/2)

The focus during March is on your Aquarian child’s self-esteem. Spend this month building him or her up. Your little Aquarian will also be open to learning about values. Communication will be very important around the beginning of March when the ruler of Aquarius, the planet Uranus joins with Mercury. Watch for flashes of inspiration. The Full Moon on the 8th may highlight some issues regarding sharing. It may also shine a light on subjects that aren’t usually discussed. The New Moon on the 22nd brings a chance to introduce new forms of communication to your little Aquarian such as computers and the internet. A new sibling is also possible.

March is a great month for Aquarian mums to be good to themselves. A bit of spoiling never hurt anyone! Issues regarding how you earn your money may also crop up. Ideas will flow during early March so be open to inspiration.

Pisces(19/2 – 20/3)

Your little Pisces will be in the limelight for most of the month. People will really see who he or she is. The Full Moon on the 8th will highlight relationships in some way. The New Moon on the 22nd is a good time to introduce the concept of working for pocket money. It’s also a good time to discuss things that make your little Pisces feel good about him or herself. With the ruler of Pisces, the planet Neptune joined with Chiron, there is a lot of spiritual healing taking place right now – and your little Pisces will benefit from that.

Pisces mums will find that the focus is on them for a change this month. Enjoy it until the end of March, when issues of self-worth will be highlighted. The Full Moon on the 8th may bring the ending of a close friendship or relationship or, alternatively, highlight it in some way. Enjoy the spiritual energy that Neptune has for you at this time.

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