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Shining a light on happiness:

Bobbi was accused on social media of being 'full of herself' - but it's something she's happy to be.
By Bobbi Chegwyn
Date: February 10 2015
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Last week on social media, I was labelled by one woman as ‘full of myself’, and another woman as ‘a leader’. 

I’ve never considered myself either and was surprised with these contrasting labels.  It got me thinking once again of perception, and how we see life for who we are, not necessarily for what it is.

I’m not in a position, nor do I want, to guess how the lives of these two women impact their filtering of information by way of deleting, distorting and generalising, but I would like to address the ‘full of myself’ label, as this was an interesting perception which I was told by the writer was based on the amount of sharing I do on social media around happiness - primarily my own happiness.

What I’d first like to say is that I will never apologise for my level of happiness, and neither should anyone. 

Happiness is something that most of us are striving for in our lives, that level of satisfaction from not only setting happiness goals, but implementing them, working towards them with consistency, achieving them and maintaining them. 

So how do you maintain your happiness?  Pretty simple really, and it’s all down to what you choose to mostly focus on. Let me share this analogy with you.

You walk into a darkened warehouse with a flash light. You shine your light to the back left corner and bring into focus a big pile of negativity. You then shine your light to the back right corner and bring into focus a big pile of positivity.

If you go and turn on the main light to the warehouse and illuminate the entire area, you will realise two things:

1.  Positivity and negativity both exist, side by side.

2.  You see what you shine your light on.

That’s right, it’s all there and we can pick and choose on any given day where we will ‘shine our light’. Mostly, I’ll choose the happy/positive stuff. 

I say ‘mostly’ because hey, you and I both know, come a certain time of the month, it can be quite satisfying, indulgent and expected to fall in a heap declaring “My life is over!”,  “It’s all just too much!”  (No, you don’t do that?  Maybe it’s just me then. smile )

I also say mostly because I don’t believe in self-growth, meaning we have to be meditating beings of love and light 24/7. I don’t know about you, but that would leave me all Stepford-like and exhausted. I prefer to let what so called ‘negative’ emotion needs to express itself, but I’ll give her a finite amount of time to visit and, until I show her the door, get on with moving back into happiness.

Why do I want negativity in and out as quickly as I can? 

Because I want to draw the good stuff to me, the things that make my heart smile and my soul sing; the surprises, the wins, the opportunities, the ultimate experiences. And to do this I need to place myself in ‘the vortex’ that high vibrating energetic space of feeling great. 

Attraction is all about how you feel. In life, you do not get what you think about, you get how you feel about what you think about. If you want happy, first think happy, then feel happy, act happy and you’ll have happy.

I coach and interact with many women from all over the world on a daily basis. What I have come to see is this: no-one's life is necessarily very different from another's, but their focus may be.

My life is a result of my choice to more often than not feel good, feel happy, feel excited and feeling thankful.  Sharing, appreciating and acknowledging the results that comes from that choice creates the energy for me to experience more.   

Think about this. If you work smarter, become more focused and more diligent in your career, you will mostly likely get rewards, financial and otherwise, right? I’m just reaping the rewards from my choice of focus, and you can too.

What I also love is that it is in the sharing, appreciating and acknowledging my happiness may just teach one more person they, too, are capable of deliberate creation. We all are. 

I love win-win situations. I love spreading the ‘feel good’ message. I want you to experience this too!

So happy it is and happy it will remain on social media. 

Those who desire happy may resonate, read and perhaps follow. Those who are not comfortable with moving in to their ‘happy’ at present, that’s okay with me.  I wish you well as you connect elsewhere. All I ask is that you leave others to experience their life as they choose to.

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