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Sole parents fearful for their children:

Sole parents whose entitlements have been cut by the Gillard Government believe their children will be entrenched in poverty.
Date: February 06 2013
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Single parents fear a generation of children will be entrenched in poverty if the Gillard Government doesn't reverse cuts to single parent benefits.

Dozens of protesters gathered in cities across the country yesterday, to rally against welfare changes which moved 60,000 single parents onto the lower Newstart Allowance.

From 1st January, single parents have received between $60 to $100-a-week less under entitlement changes.

Single Parent Action Group protest organiser Samantha Seymour says 730,000 children are living below the poverty line and the figure is set to rise.

"Effects of poverty include obesity, depression, suicide, developmental delays, poor school outcomes," Ms Seymour told a rally at Parliament House in Canberra.

Single mum Bianca Maciel Pizzorno said her twin boys, aged 8, had offered to empty their piggy banks to help pay the bills.

"It's hard to explain to an 8 year old that $10 isn't going to help," she said.

"'No' is always the word these days."

At a rally at Martin Place in Sydney, Louise Plitz, 31, was one of about 50 protesters.

She said the payment changes were already affecting her and her 10 year old son.

"For example, after rent comes out this week, there will be $100 to live off for two weeks.".

"By the time you put a full tank of petrol in, there's not much left to cover bills. It's extremely stressful."

Social commentator and author Eva Cox, who also attended the Sydney rally, said the Federal Government's reasoning that the parenting cuts would become an incentive for more people to get into the workforce was "just plain stupid".

"For a sole parent, a child's needs come first otherwise they're bad parents, so this idea that people can do full-time or near full-time work is ridiculous."

The Government has said the cuts, worth around $728 million in savings over four years, are needed to achieve a budget surplus in 2012-13.

NSW Greens MP Cate Faehrmann told the Sydney rally the government was "looking at the wrong end of town to find savings".

The government should reverse the payment cuts and boost the Newstart allowance by $50 a week, she said.

Organisations such as the Benevolent Society and Australians for Affordable Housing (AAH) also threw their support behind the national protest.

"It beggars belief that we can be having a national conversation about the inadequacy of Newstart, with politicians lining up to say that it is too low to live on, whilst at the same time we are forcing already vulnerable and disadvantaged families onto that very same payment," said Joel Pringle, campaign manager for AAH.

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R Davis says: 2013 02 24

80.000 single parents - mainly mothers - $223 a fortnight worse off.

*  That’s 80.000 lost votes for Labor.
It takes a male & a female to make children.
*  That’s another 80.000 lost votes for Labor.
4 grand parents who love their grand kids & will do all they can to help.
*  That’s another 320.000 lost votes for Labor.
+ 320.000
= 480.000 ...  lost votes for labor.

Then there are extended family members & friends who will consider carefully who to vote for.
Do not forget that without THE GREENS & INDEPENDENT’S
this bill would not have gone through.

This was a case of the women in Canberra beating on their hairy chests, by savaging women & children, as a show of strength & power. To show the blokes that they were a force in action.

Swirley says: 2013 02 27

When will people realise we live in communities and this necessarily means inter-connection? If we create communities where large groups of people are disenfranchised, have no way out of poverty, are trapped, are desperate, are hungry, fearful for their children…..what will the end result be for everyone - You don’t have to be a genius to work what the end result will be for everyone within the community - a lose-lose situation. History has already shown us multiple times - it is already sadly visible in many other places in the world. It’s just common sense. All children are the community’s investment for the future - we just dumped our future in the bin. It will cost a lot more than the meagre savings they made out of our children to turn the situation around in years to come. Every one of us needs to hassle these people who call themselves our representatives every time they make a decision that’s bad - not just for their situation but intrinsically bad for some group within the community. Too often people are divided with stereotypes, feeding on their fears.
I am a sole parent. I have done no wrong, I have morals, ethics and standards - I have worked tirelessly for my family to survive. I have actually become ill from trying but that doesn’t stop you because you do everything so your child can eat and thats the biggest expense just food. Their father left through no fault of mine, NOR ANY CHILD"S FAULT and does not provide anything for them now - there would be many stories all different but no less deserving - let us stop judging each other out of fear and work together so that every child has the chance to reach their potential - a potential which will pay huge dividends for everyone. If you can’t understand through common decency and humanity at least understand through your money and the power of investment strategy.
At the moment our politicians are answering not to their communities but to lobby groups for big businesses. If we keep voting for the parties in the current party system (with preferences draining back to two big ones etc) this is all we are going to get it seems - corruption, lack of vision, stealing from the people itself (with the latest decision on taking people’s bank accounts and increased tax on super) - we need independent people who care, who have ethics, vision and are here for the right reasons and the long haul. We can’t wait for politicians or the system to change, or be accountable they (and it) never will - we need to take back democracy not just delegate it to these fools. There are some politicians who try but they are most muzzled by the party system. I don’t have the answers but I think it’s okay to just head in the right direction and start somewhere and whatever the issue is that engages you, whether it be the environment, social justice….innovation - whatever - get involved, speak up and don’t give up, keep going….our children are worth it, our future is worth it.

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