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Simple And Effective Ways Of Making Your Face Young Again:

Tips for looking young
By Expert Tips
Date: May 23 2017
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Day after day, we look at our refection in the mirror, counting the lines that that we don’t remember being there yesterday. Yes, the ones around our eyes are from smiling proudly at our little ones when they performed at their first recital, while the ones on our forehead are from worrying when they first fell from their bike and got hurt. The notorious wrinkles are nothing more than sheer memories of the most significant moments of our and our loved ones’ lives, but the fact is – we would rather have them imprinted on a photograph than on our face, right?

For a younger-looking face and flawless skin, we not only have to implement a proper skincare routine, but modify our lifestyle completely. We have to admit it – this is easier said than done, especially when you’re a busy mom trying to juggle work and family life. For this reason, we have outlined several of the most essential and most effective DIY and professional treatments.

Are you sure you are washing your face the right way?

Although it may seem a bit redundant to mention, but we have to emphasize that washing your face with lukewarm water is not going to cut it once you reach a certain age. First off, you will need a mild cleanser with a balanced or neutral pH. If you have an oily skin, it will require the use of an oil-free cleanser, and for a dry skin type, opt for a crème- or glycerin-based one. Cleanser should be gently rubbed into your skin to prevent irritation, and rinsed with lukewarm water. Ensure the water is not too hot, since it can strip the skin of essential oils and irritate it, ultimately making it seem much older.

Moisturize your skin every single day

Moisturizer has the power to boost the production of elastin and collagen. It will also keep your skin hydrated and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Many question whether moisturizer is the right solution for oily skin and tend to avoid it, but we are here to debunk the myth – moisturizer does wonders, even for an oily type. It is also advisable to test certain products which contain silicone and hyaluronic acid which have rejuvenating properties. During the summer, moisturizer in combination with SPF crème prevents wrinkles and sun damages.

Don’t forget about exfoliation

You’re pores are bound to be full of debris and dead skin cells, which add a couple of years to your face.

This is something you can take care of with a gentle exfoliator. Chose the one that has natural or synthetic beads to minimize the risk of irritation, and use a soft washcloth.

Treat yourself with a professional treatment from time to time

After all, you’ve deserved it. If you’re not so fond of professional cosmetic treatments, you can always try the ones that use light sources, laser or radiofrequency. These will promote the production of collagen and make your skin more elastic, and as a result – more youthful. Certain laser treatments remove the outer layer of the skin, heat the underlying layer and promote the growth of collagen. If you struggle with a lot of wrinkles and sagging skin, you might want to talk to your doctor about nonablative laser treatment, or radiofrequency. Still, bear in mind that the results will be less visible than the ones you would notice after laser treatments, and will range from mild to moderate.

Microdermabrasion, on the other hand, used to be something reserved for doctors’ offices solely, but there are now less potent microdermabrasion kits, extremely practical for busy moms who simply cannot plan a professional appointment in advance. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult with a Silkwood Facelift Surgery Sydney professionals prior to choosing a certain brand, since they might advise you on the best products out there, or how to use the tools the right way.

Watch what you eat

Studies have proved that a well-balanced diet can keep your skin fresh, maintain its natural glow and delay the aging process significantly. Naturally, you should stay away from foods that contain high levels of sugar and fat, since they slow cell turnover. What you should have on your plate is vitamin A and beta-carotene that can be found in orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, oranges, sweet potato, kale or eggs. Citrus fruits are also extremely beneficial, as well as fatty acids that can be found in olive oil and walnuts, since they keep your skin hydrated.

In the end…

Note that there are actually two types of aging factors, the intrinsic one which includes age-related changes, whereas the extrinsic is the consequence of unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors.

Sadly, the first one cannot be so easily controlled, but with the above-mentioned DIY and professional treatments, you can shield yourself from the external factors and keep your skin younger-looking for years to come.

P.S. For those of you who put everyone else first – none of these will take up much of your time, so you can stop feeling guilty, spend a minute or two more on pampering yourself, because, let us repeat one more time, you’ve deserved it!

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