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The life-changing golden rule:

'The Golden Rule' is a blueprint for being thoughtful, kind and considerate towards one another.
By Beverly Goldsmith
Date: August 17 2013
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It was the day when three tradesmen were working in my house. We were all really busy.

The front doorbell rang. When I answered it, a young man stood there. He told me that the government had employed him to go door-to-door in my area to offer householders like me two free power-saving devices. He seemed like a sincere guy who was just trying to make a living, so I took up his offer and invited him in to install them.

While he was unpacking the products, I noticed he was sniffing quite a lot. Without thinking much about it, I offered him a tissue to blow his nose. He was most grateful. Then he said that the sniffing was probably because he was hot from pushing his little product cart around the streets in the heat. So I poured him a glass of ice-cold water from the refrigerator and gave it to him. He thanked me and said that I had been very nice to him.

He and I completed the necessary paperwork, I signed his iPad, he collected his bits and pieces and departed.

A few minutes later there was another knock on the door. When I opened it, there was the young man again. He asked if he could use the toilet. I showed him the way and left him to it. When he re-joined me in the lounge, he apologised for returning, but said he was most grateful for my kindness. I replied that it was my pleasure to assist him.

In my life I’ve been grateful many times for the kindness of others. Difficult circumstances have been eased by someone’s caring and kind-heartedness. Why then, shouldn’t I show this particular young man the same thoughtfulness and consideration that I’d received in the past? 

After all, isn’t this what it means to practise the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

This Golden Rule, although being a blueprint for civilised action, springs from a spiritual basis. It embodies the qualities of genuine humanity, thoughtfulness and caring. When activated in thought, these character traits grease the wheels of society. They make life more agreeable for ourselves, and others. I’m sure that if I had to do that young man’s job, I would hope that someone would be thoughtful enough to care for my needs.

Following the Golden Rule, and treating others as we would have them treat us, brings with it a great sense of pleasure. There’s something truly gratifying in being able to meet someone else’s need – without any thought of reward.

My mother lived her life by the axiom 'if you’ve had a kindness shown you, pass it on'. For my mother, unselfish acts, common decency and consideration for others, were essential characteristics to be practised at home, school, in the workplace and elsewhere. I’ll always be grateful that she taught me that life-lesson.

Such spiritual training has led me to what I call my ‘golden rule of caring’ – that is, be kind and help others as you would like them to be kind and help you; and do it without expecting anything in return.

This rule of caring has been a life-changer for me. It could also be a world-changer. So if you’re into life-changing, world-changing actions, why not,

1.  Endorse the ‘golden rule of caring’ and carry it out

2.  Think of random acts of kindness as the norm

3.  Genuinely care for and support one another

4.  Replace selfishness with thoughtfulness

5.  Let big-heartedness reign supreme in your thought and deeds.

Don’t you agree that this is something worth working for?

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Robin Clarke says: 2013 08 17

What an excellent article with such sensible but effective advice. Thanks for sharing.

Beverly Goldsmith says: 2013 08 19

Thank you Robin for your comment. It’s good to know that you found this article helpful.

Julie says: 2013 08 18

I especially love the sentence:  When activated in thought, these character traits grease the wheels of society.
Thank you for publishing this.

Beverly Goldsmith says: 2013 08 19

Thank you Julie for your comment. I too am grateful to Motherpedia for publishing these ideas. It’s good to know that we can benefit others by being kind-hearted and that this in turn benefits our health and the health of society.

David says: 2013 08 19

Thank you for the gentle reminder to be kind-hearted to others.
The kind thoughtfulness of family, friends and colleagues can be so encouraging and invigorating. Kindness and consideration by others has often given me a much-needed, strengthening boost.

Beverly Goldsmith says: 2013 08 19

You’re very welcome David. I’m grateful to Motherpedia for allowing this sharing to take place. Glad to know that you have been benefitted by the kindness of others.

Abigail Warrick says: 2013 08 23

Certainly Beverly, it makes me think what powerful possibilities for a better world would open up if we all put that Golden Rule to use a little more in our everyday circumstances, as you did. Thank you for sharing your experience, and this wonderful message!

Beverly Goldsmith says: 2013 08 23

Thank you Abigail for your comment. I agree that daily life could be so much better if more of us regularly practiced the Golden Rule in our dealings with others. I was pleased to help that young man and be able to share my experience here on Motherpedia.

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