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Finding out that your teen just got a tattoo without your permission can be a tough discovery to deal… Read more


Parents trying to keep the lines of communication open with their teenagers know that getting teens to listen… Read more


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A new mobile-enabled website will make it even easier for teenagers and young adults to get support when… Read more


Moreton Bay College is to randomly test students at a Year 11 semi-formal amid concerns they may drink… Read more


It's easy to say "only in America", but school children across the world… Read more


Tweens who frequently use language adaptations – techspeak and shortcuts, such as gr8 or LOL -- when they… Read more


Increased usage of Facebook by children has sparked questions of how to prevent cyberbullying and protect their personal… Read more


Australian teenagers say they need to head to cyberspace for sex education because school lessons are inadequate, a… Read more


Yasa says her own mother had given her advice when she was young, but admits a strong guiding… Read more


 In fact, this transition can quickly change your status from being the best pal and smartest parent around,… Read more

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Every week, he would hover over his newborn daughter Lotte's crib and capture stills.

Those weekly photo… Read more


It’s amazing how quickly 14 years and 9 months comes around and now it’s time for your teen’s… Read more


They'll volunteer their time to help the needy but they don't trust other people.

They'll say no… Read more


And teachers, parents, health workers and school counsellors are being put on notice to help identify when a… Read more


The Bullying No Way! site was launched on Friday as part of the national day of action against… Read more


What kind of fighting behaviour have YOU seen?

  • Does your child argue with you about every… Read more
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Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi will join Kids Helpline and Optus representatives today to talk about The Make Cyberspace… Read more


It’s a ‘coming of age’ experience that everyone must have!  I’m not talking about holding the keys to… Read more

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