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Jojoba Oil: Everything You Need To Know About This Carrier Oil:

Check out the wonders of jojoba oil.
By Expert Tips
Date: July 20 2021
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Jojoba oil is a carrier oil that is becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. Carrier oils and other types of oils in general, have seen a surge of popularity in recent years as more and more people turn to holistic therapies and more natural ways of achieving desired effects. While other oils such as sweet almond, coconut and castor oils have seen the most popularity, jojoba oil has slowly risen to the spotlight. Jojoba oil, despite its name, is not an oil at all, but rather a wax ester that is extracted from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinensis plant. The texture of jojoba oil is oily and thick, but it is its wax ester and unique composition that makes it different from the rest. Its composition is made up of wax ester, which is very similar to human sebum, which ensures that it functions much like the natural oils that our skin produces. This composition is what makes it a functional and beneficial carrier oil, allowing it to develop smooth skin without clogging any pores and causing acne, much like many chemical based products would do.

Before we go into the benefits that jojoba oil can bring to a user, let’s go over the history.

The History of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil was first extracted and used by the Native Americans. These ancient people would use the extracted product for ritualistic and traditional purposes, whilst also touting its health benefits. In 1971, sperm whale oil was used for its health treatment benefits, however, the practice of importing sperm whale products was banned this same year. Consequently, settlers found that jojoba oil acted similarly to sperm whale oil in its health treatment benefits, and thus the use of this oil spread across the demographic. Today, the use of jojoba oil is widespread, and 40,000 acres of production land for the product exists within the southwestern US states, which hold the perfect harsh desert environment for the cultivation and survival of the plant.

Growth and Habitat

The actual plant looks like an evergreen shrub with wood features. Usually, it will grow to a height of 10 to 15 feet. The plant is very durable and can survive in even some of the harshest desert environments. It is best suited to environments that do not have a lot of snow or frost and will thrive and survive in high temperature environments.

Uses and Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is an increasingly popular carrier oil and has many uses and practices in which it is applied. The benefits of jojoba oil are primarily related to the skin, due to its properties being similar to natural human oils produced by the skin. The skincare benefits are significant, and it is for this reason that it is essential for any skincare routine.

Jojoba Oil has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is the primary reason why red and angry looking spots appear on our skin, which can often be looked at as unattractive. These red spots can draw unwanted attention to the skin and make it look flared. Inflammation can occur on the skin for a number of reasons, including acne and pimples, eczema or just irritated and sensitive skin. Jojoba oil is perfect for these types of situations, as it works well to treat inflamed skin and get rid of red spots. Furthermore, it provides a number of nutrients such as vitamin E and B, zinc and copper, all of which work well to treat such conditions. These nutrients do this by speeding up the recovery process and the skin cell regeneration which is needed to heal the affected area and subsequent scar.

Jojoba Oil Helps to Keep Sebum Production In Check

Sebum is a natural oil that is produced by the human skin. It is good to have some sebum, however, overproduction of it can result in pimples and acne. The use of jojoba oil ensures that sebum production is kept in check. By using this product, the body thinks that it has enough sebum due to the very similar properties that it shares with sebum. It will therefore not produce more sebum than needed, preventing acne. Moreover, because the properties of the product are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it can help to ensure that acne causing bacteria cannot form on the skin.

How To Use Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil can be used in a variety of ways, however, it works best when added into a skincare routine. A skincare routine is an important step for many women across the world every morning and night, and more and more men have begun to take care of their skin as well. It can be worked into different steps of the skincare routine to the versatility of Jojoba oil. Usually, it works best before the moisturizer or mixed into your skincare cream before being applied to the face.

For Skincare

For a skincare routine, as mentioned before, jojoba oil works very well to reduce inflammation and red spots, as well as to help regulate oil production on the skin. It can be applied directly to the face before the moisturizing step of a skincare routine and dabbed around. This will help to keep your skin at a balanced level of oily and dry, ensuring no bacteria will form due to overproduction or dryness.

For Dry Skin and Lips

Dry skin and lips are a common issue that many people face, especially during the colder or warmer months. Cold weather such as wind and frost can dry out the skin and lips, and in the beginning months of hotter seasons, the same can occur. To combat this, dry skin and lips can be dabbed with jojoba oil on fingers, and the fingers moved in an upward and outward motion. The product should absorb into the skin and lips easily. This will keep your skin and lips soft for an extended period of time, rather than using lip balm which has to be reapplied every few minutes to keep the lips from going dry.

For Hair Growth

It can also be used for hair growth. Massaging a few drops of the product onto your scalp can help to nourish your roots. The product should be kept on for 20 minutes before being washed out with shampoo and conditioner. It helps to hydrate the hair from the inside out, which makes it much thicker when it grows. This will help to produce further hair growth.

For Makeup Removal

Makeup removal is a common aspect of everyday life for many women. By using a cotton ball and dipping it in jojoba oil, you can create an organic and natural way to get rid of makeup. After it is applied, another cotton ball with water on it can be used to get rid of the makeup smoothly and cleanly.

Overall, jojoba oil is an increasingly popular carrier oil that has many benefits for skincare. It is a vital part of any skincare routine, as it can help to reduce inflammation and regulate sebum production. For these reasons, it would be silly not to have it in your skincare routine at all. The modern world is waking up and realizing the many benefits it can bring, and you should too!

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