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Did you know the toilet is NOT the dirtiest place in our home?:

Aussies keeping clean in winter with hygiene myths revealed
By Motherpedia
Date: July 02 2015
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Helpling, the online cleaning platform shares with us some common misconceptions around household hygiene to help Aussies avoid the germs that cling to our warm bodies during winter.   
1. Bacteria dies in the freezer: False  
At -18 °C, bacteria is still alive, it just can’t multiply at this temperature. As soon as the food starts getting thawed, bacteria begins to multiply again and at room temperature, the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes.  
Tip: Check you freezer setting to ensure that you food is being safely stored. It is also ideal to de-frost your freezer during winter to ensure your settings are being insulated correctly. You can do this using boiling water, a few clothes to soak up the water.  
2. Coins and bills are swarmed with bacteria: False  
Tests have proven the copper in coins actually kills bacteria. On bills, only small amounts of bacteria exist, as they don’t provide proper living condition for bacteria.  
3. No need to wash the dishwasher, because it is a ‘washer’! False  
The inside of a dishwasher should be cleaned monthly. It is a perfect place for fungi and black yeast to grow.   
Tip: Pour vinegar into a dishwasher-safe cup and place it on the top rack of the dishwasher (empty) and run it for a full cycle at a hot temperature.  
4. Wearing gloves is more hygienic than hand washing: False
Gloves can be very unhygienic. It is crucial to keep gloves clean and dry when being stored it in the cupboard – they must also be changed regularly, at least once a month to minimise bacteria growth.   
Tip: To clean, place them in the basin in hot water with two spoons of vinegar, a small amount of detergent and let them soak for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse them thoroughly and then dry them in a cool place.  
5.    The more soap means the more cleaning power: False
Not necessarily. Sometimes more soap can create more problems. Funnily enough, soap or detergent is a great nutrient for bacteria. Therefore, if you don’t rinse your hands, dishes, or clothes thoroughly it can aid the growth of bacteria.  
Tip: If you can see any soap residue you haven’t rinsed well enough. Make sure all bubbles are gone and leave items in a place where they can completely dry.  
6. All bacteria is harmful to humans: False  
On the contrary: humans need bacteria to live. In our intestines and on our skin there are billions of microorganisms, with only few of them being pathogens (germs!). In fact, some foods contains good bacteria that help fight off the germs in our bodies.   
7. Scratched Teflon pans are carcinogenic: False  
Scratched Teflon pans are harmful only above 260 °C. Above this temperature, the coating called ‘polytetrafluoroethylene’ emits toxic fumes.   
Tip: However, such temperatures can only be reached through a specific way of overheating so make sure you are using a standard burner when using these pans and not an industrial one made for professional kitchens.   
8.  Cutting boards act as a nest for bacteria: False  
If you clean your cutting board carefully, then it is fine to use a wooden or a plastic board. Woods contain resins and oils of germicidal features and certain wood species also contain tannic acid, which is also germicidal.  
Tip: When using plastic boards, it helps to kill bacteria if you put them in a dishwasher with around 60 °C temperature.
9.  The toilet is the dirtiest place in the house: False  
Far greater sources of bacteria are the refrigerator and dishcloths. Additionally, it is now a well-known fact that a keyboard contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat.  
Tip: Use a disinfectant wipe to go over the most used items in the house every fortnight. Door handles, television remotes, microwave buttons, light switches are all touched and probably contain more germs than your toilet seat.  
10.  You can use the same bath towel repeatedly without concern: False  
Damp towels are ideal habitats for bacteria where they spread and stay until used again.   
Tip: Always hang a used towel outside after using to ensure maximum dryness and fewer germs. This will also decrease odours and towel quality.
About Helpling  Helpling Australia is a fast-growing company based in North Sydney. The company's mission is to make home cleaning services conveniently accessible to customers at a very transparent hourly rate. Launched in Australia in September 2014, Helpling is an online platform for booking cleaners quickly. The service is also available in Germany, where the global headquarters are based, as well as Austria, France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands. Rocket Internet, the world’s largest Internet incubator, supports Helpling.  
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