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Fear of needles a shot stopper:

Fear of needles is a healthcare issue that needs to be addressed so it doesn't prevent children from the shots they need.
By Motherpedia
Date: February 20 2013
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Needle phobia is an under-reported healthcare issue according to health experts. Clinically known as trypanophobia, it generally rates as one of the top 10 fears of many people.

“People who are afraid of needles avoid going to the doctor, skip vaccinations, avoid flu shots, and don't donate blood,” says the US Surgeon-General, Dr Rich Carmona.

“Unlike other phobias, fear of needles can make a real difference to someone’s life.”

To help eliminate needle phobia, the American Healthline company has launched an innovative free iPhone App to help parents distract children while they get shots. The App is based around Pablo the Pufferfish who his so afraid of his own needles, he finds it hard to look in the mirror.

Research shows that needle phobia usually develops around age 4 or 5 with a traumatic immunisation experience.

“Kids today get so many more shots than they used to. A parent born in the 1960s or 1970s may have received five or six shots by the age of 6, but today their kids can get up to 33,” says Dr Amy Baxter.

“Needle phobia must be addressed and it must be addressed on large public platforms. Fear of snakes or fear of public speaking doesn't kill people, but fear of needles does."

Healthline has developed these tips for parents to help kids overcome the fear of needles.

  1. Explain that shots protect them from being sick. Keep the language simple and to the point. Try something like: “Yes, it will hurt a little bit now but it will keep you healthy, and that’s better than being sick, isn’t it?”
  2. Don’t tell your child too far in advance that they’re having a shot. The longer they have to worry about it, the worse it becomes. But if they ask what’s happening at their next doctor’s appointment, tell them the truth.
  3. Keep them distracted while they’re with the doctor. Books, music, video games – or especially the Pablo the Pufferfish App.
  4. Make sure your child is comfortable. They might mean sitting on your lap, sitting near you holding your hand, or you put your arm around them. The idea is to make them feel secure. Don’t let you child receive shots lying down, especially after around 18 months, and never hold them down.
  5. Reward them when it’s over. It’s an ordeal for them, so treat them with something small and appropriate – their favourite milk shake, a visit to a favourite park, anything that makes the day a positive experience. And don’t be worried about praising your child for being brave and doing the right thing.
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Rick Thomas says: 2013 12 24

My Story!

My Name is Rick Thomas age 48 Years old I am what you call a Dangerous Severe Needle Phobic witch is a Real Medical Condition!  for the past 48 Years I have never had a vaccination or Blood work or any Needle procedures Ever Done on me.  Back in 1976 I was on Vacation in Wisconsin with a severe Ear Infection and I was taken to a local doctor in town but I had no idea this Doctor was going to Give me a Shot of Penicillin with a 2 inch Needle and Totally got Violent and very angry and was thrown to the Ground by 4 Doctors and I threw them in the Air against the wall and Ran the Hell out of there the Doctor and Nurses from what I was told got Hurt with my Temper! so for the past 48 years I live in Fear and Anger because I Refuse to Ever have a Needle for any Reason even if I am Dying! I Have No Medical insurance and NEVER WILL!!! I Never go to clinics or Hospital and stay away like the plague! I know this might sound extreme but this is my life and I will not Except being a Lab Rat for anyone and I live my life in fear Every day.  I have never been so Angry to see Children go through Hell of Vaccinations These Things are very Painful and your Hurting Children and adults everyone has Rights including children but if the Medical field Keeps Treating patients in this manner More and more people will avoid medical care and stay far away. This past week I had a encounter at a local Walgreens of a woman who walked up to me and grabbed me by the arm and I went into full rage telling her to f off keep that crap away from me. I mean what I say I will Never Ever let Anyone stick me with a Needle because they will be very very sorry they tried

Advise For Adults & children.

1. Never Hold or force anyone to take a Needle They Have Needle phobia
2. if you see a person who has this condition Refuse to treat them and have them seek Help
3. Children will soon have Rights to refuse Needles and parents will no longer be able to force this on them. I am working on this goal
4. More and more Family’s are Refusing Vaccinations and that’s a good thing Never Refuse to treat patients because there not vaccinated

I Understand Hospitals need to care for patients but this subject Has Bothered me for the past 48 years and there is no need for the neglect of patients living with this fear and for the medical field to ignore and force this on people!

Please Google   Needle Phobia A Real Medical Epidemic That 10-20 percent of the world has!

                                                                                                                            Rick Thomas

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Jannet says: 2016 10 21
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