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Homely Hurdles:

The 6 Most Common Home Upkeep Problems (And How to Fix Them)
By Expert Tips
Date: October 19 2017
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Your home is close to one of the most important things in your life. After all, without it you wouldn’t have a place where memories are made, food is served and good times are had. But protecting your home can be a minefield if you don’t know what to look for. Keep in mind these six most common home upkeep problems and more importantly how to fix them.

1. Floor coverings

Carpet is nice, wooden floorboards are better but both have inherent upkeep problems which can give any homeowner a big headache. Anyone who has ever spilt red wine on their carpet will tell you, carpet is not the way to go. Floorboard can be beautiful but the upkeep isn’t.

Commercial vinyl is a versatile and dynamic material that any homeowner should consider for their floor covering. Spilt red wine? Just wipe it up, don’t have time to varnish? No need. Vinyl is a great option to reduce the upkeep required and advances in styles will mean no one will even notice the difference between floorboards and vinyl.

2. Gutters

If you live in a particular volatile climate (for example, anywhere in Australia), then you will be familiar with a storm. Gutters can represent a significant problem if you don’t upkeep to the required standard. Overflowing gutters can cause excess water and water damage in roof cavities and walls.

If that happens, never mind the upkeep, you will be looking at significant costs to repair. Instead, consider gutter screens. A simple and effective tool which will help reduce upkeep and climbing up that ladder regularly. But also will avoid those damaged walls and roofs.

3. Filter out the chore

Most homes these days will come with or have been installed with reverse cycle air-conditioning units. Most homeowners overlook the required upkeep of checking and changing out filters. Not only will this impact the performance of your unit, meaning you will suffer in summer, it can also significantly impact your energy consumption.

Instead of suffering through heat and a larger electricity bill, set up a regular filter check routine. Checking filters once a quarter will help keep you aware of any replacement needs but ensure the family stays cooler for longer.

4. Alarming checks

Smoke alarms are a particularly piercing noise when you hear them.

However, when you don’t, it is very unlikely you’ll ever give them a second glance. They are extremely important pieces of home safety and security. Not only is it a violation of fire safety to not test them regularly, but failing to do so will also place your family at risk.

Set up a routine in your calendar to not only check but test your fire alarm every 2 months. Testing is a simple and 1 minute process. Simply get a step ladder and press the test button. If you hear the beeping then you are all clear. If not, first step would be to check the battery.

5. Drainage

When it rains most people think that if there are no leaks in their roof then they are all clear. One of the most common upkeep problems can stem from poor drainage. Poor drainage and pooling can cause problems with your foundations, which if left untreated will cause serious problems later in life.

Next time it rains, watch the water in your yard, does it pool? Does it run under your home? If the answer is yes, then consider whether you need to do some drainage work to help the water get away and run toward the drains. Avoid wood rot and foundation issues by undertaking some drainage works now, not later.

6. Prepare for winter

If your hot water heater is outside or you have pipes which are exposed to the elements, then you need to prepare your home for winter. One of the most common problems associated with winter is frozen pipes. The last thing you need is a freezing cold shower on a winter morning because the hot water heater is broken.

Avoid this costly problem by properly preparing your pipes for winter. Insulation is an easy and effective way to protest your hot water heater and pipes from the blistering conditions of winter. Insulate around your hot water heater and any pipes which run outside. This will stop freezing and ensure showers are always warm in winter.

Homeowners often overlook or push back those chores around the house. Mopping and vacuuming are great. But next time you are doing those chores, consider these 6 most common problems upkeeping your home and implement the fixes listed here as well.

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