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6 Essentials that you Should Consider Replacing in your Home
By Expert Tips
Date: January 25 2018
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Do you have a to-do list that is a mile long? Do you feel like you never get to cross off as many items as you would like because more things spring to the top? If so, then you are not alone. There are many things that people all over the world forget to replace in their homes because it just slips their minds.

As the old adage goes, use it or lose it, and if you have not used your fire extinguisher or smoke detector in the last few years, you tend to forget about them. There are multiple other items we do not use that need to be checked and changed out monthly or yearly.

Keep reading for the top six essential items you should consider replacing in your home.

Update Televisions

One of the things you probably use most in your everyday life is the television. If you still have a tube television, it is definitely time to ditch that antique and get yourself a flat screen TV.

What if you have updated your television, but you still do not have significant reception? If that is the case, it is time for new antenna. There is a wide array of specialists are available to perform both domestic and commercial antenna installation in Melbourne to both new and existing homes. Since television watching is most likely a priority in your home, you should have the best reception available to continue to enjoy it!

Smoke Detectors

Another essential replacement that should occur yearly is to update the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Always check your detectors when the New Year starts to make sure they are working.

After ten years, you should replace your smoke detectors with the latest models available. The same should be said for carbon monoxide detectors, except their lifespan is only five years; make sure to replace carbon monoxide units with newer models every five years.

Fire Extinguishers

To go along with the point above, fire extinguishers should be replaced every five years as well. When you are performing battery checks, make sure to review the gauge on your fire extinguisher. The needle needs to be in the green section on the gauge. If it is not, you need to purchase a replacement unit.

When reviewing the indicator, make sure to familiarise yourself with how to use a fire extinguisher. Remember the pneumonic PASS, which stands for pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep. This will allow you to remember how to use the unit when in a stressful situation such as a fire.


The next item you should consider replacing in your home is your appliances. This includes the refrigerator, the dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and the oven. These items are made to withstand years of wear and tear, but after so long, they do not function as well as they used to.

In addition, if you have models that are twenty years old, they may not have been energy efficient when you purchased them. To save money on the electric bill, investigate replacing your appliances for better functionality as well as to protect your budget.

Household Filters

Another smart idea is to replace all your household filters every few months. The primary filter that you should be replacing monthly is your furnace filter. This is vital to keep out particles, mould, mildew, and other organisms from travelling through the air in your home.

A clean furnace filter can also keep your energy costs down, as the furnace and AC unit does not have to work as hard due to a clogged filter. If you own an air purifier, replace that filter every three to six months depending on how often you use the device. Lastly, make sure to change your vacuum and dustbuster filter every few months depending on your usage.

Food Containers

The last item you should consider replacing in your home often is overlooked but is an imperative item to change out. Food storage containers for leftovers should definitely be replaced at least every ten years.

Not only do the containers lose their shape from constant use and cleanings in the dishwasher, but also if you have older containers, they may not be BPA free. BPA is a chemical used in plastics for the last fifty years. It has recently been found that it could have health effects on individuals, as the chemical leaches from the plastic into the food that you then eat. Check your containers and replace with BPA free containers today!

Why is it Essential to Replace Items in Your Home?

Every home has multiple items that need to be checked and reviewed every so often. We live in such a busy and fast world that we sometimes forget to replace items in our home that could make us sick or save us money in the end. Whether you change your TV or antenna, smoke detectors, appliances, fire extinguishers, food containers, or filters, know that you are keeping yourself and your family safe and healthy for many years to come.

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