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How to Choose Perfect Rug for Nursery and Kids’ Room:

Looking for a rug for your kid's room?
By Expert Tips
Date: August 31 2016
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How to choose perfect rug for nursery and kidsY room - cover - motherpedia

For nurseries and kid’s rooms, carpets are essential. They can cushion the fall, provide comfort and safety for your children and will save the floors from being damaged. However, before choosing the appropriate rug, there are plenty of things to consider. Design and length are not the only important factors; you have to think about other elements, too.


Anywhere you look, there will be synthetic rugs with cute patterns, such as clouds, teddy bears, babies etc. These images will make you think they’re perfect for nursery and kid’s rooms, but rugs made of wool and other natural materials are actually much better. Not only they are good for the environment and your child, but they serve as the best cushion and safety. Also, wool/sisal rugs have fire resistant, antibacterial and hypoallergenic features, which are some of the most important aspects of a safe rug. Moreover, natural materials are easier to clean than most of the synthetic ones.

Pile Density & Type

The denser the carpet, the better, but that doesn’t mean taller. The best way to test the density of the desired carpet is by bending the sample. If considerable amounts of backing can be seen the carpet is too thin. Most cheap carpets are thinner and have fewer tufts per inch, which means they’ll wear out quickly and will lose their safety fast. Apart from having better crush resistance, dense carpets preserve the dirt and dust at the top and reduce traffic path wear. Additionally, when something is spilled on them it takes more time to get to the backing which makes them easier to clean and no mold can be formed.

Another thing to consider is the type of carpet you are buying for your kids’ room. There are three basic types: woven, tufted and bonded. Tufted ones are most commonly used in houses and come in cut, loop and cut/loop piles. Two best piles for the kids’ rooms are cut pile and loop pile, but they have to be dense. Any other option will only collect dust, allergens and other garbage that could end up in the kid’s room.


You have probably heard a lot about VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are chemicals emitted from variety of objects in our homes. Usually, they’re found in upholstery, paint and carpets. So, the best option would be finding a rug for your kid’s room with low or no VOCs. Most recycled and natural materials are both low in VOCs and eco-friendly. So, when strolling around for the new rug, look for non-toxic materials such as wool, coir, organic cotton, nylon and even the ones that include plastic soda bottles. Also, pay attention to the backings to which the rug is sewn on. Instead of picking the ones that are glued with toxic adhesives, try finding rugs with latex, jute or other natural backings.

Colors and Patterns

The colors and patterns of the rugs will mostly depend on the room’s design. Nurseries usually have soft and warm colors that will soothe your baby and offer comfort. If you wish, you can do the same with the color of the rug. Soft pastel colors are perfect for baby rugs, but if the room is already too bright and pale, you can introduce contrast with some fun and bold colors. As for kid’s room, the playful the rug the better. Lively and vibrant colors will encourage play and make your children feel safe and welcome. Also, before deciding on the rug design, consult with your kids, they will know what they wish to have in their own room.

Learning Rugs

Another fun possibility for a kid’s room is the very popular learning rug. These look good in any playroom and nursery, they can keep your children occupied while they learn and you may not even need any extra toys. Learning rugs have many different styles, such as cities and roads, hopscotch, world maps and so on. Just choose the one that your kids find interesting and they will be busy playing for hours.

As you can see, the color is not the only decision you have to make about the rug. Consider all of these factors before laying your kid’s room with a new rug and your child will be safe and entertained. Also, dense rugs provide best sound resistance, which is a great plus for the parents’ quiet time.


Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture and the editor-in-chief of Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interiors and inspiring landscaping design. Lana suggests checking out wide range of rugs from DecoRug for your kid's room.

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This rug is an affordable option for those who wish to give a bit of Native American design to the Traditional western, Southwestern Rugs Depot or hotel decor. As the design isn’t as crisp or even comprehensive as more costly area rugs, they nevertheless look great, especially coordinated along with decoration of similar style and color. My just nitpicks would be that I do not like the curved corners, which I believe helps make the carpet seem like more sophisticated.

Naina Kalra says: 2020 08 10

Beautiful suggestions. Thanks for the help. Keep posting. Really like the image you’ve added in the beginning, where can we get rugs like that?
Naina Kalra
Author at <a > The Rugs Cafe </a>

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