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Simple Strategies - 5 Steps To Keep Your Baby Free From Nappy Rash:

Prevent diaper rash for your babies.
By Expert Tips
Date: November 20 2020
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Nappy rash shows up as red patches under the nappy area. At times, your baby’s whole bottom may be red, and there may also be small blisters or spots. As a parent, it is a horrible feeling to see your baby uncomfortable or in pain and be unable to fix it. While it’s not unusual for nappy rash to pop up from time to time, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize your baby’s chance of getting it.

Pop Some Cream on it

A good nappy rash cream is one of the most important tools in any parent’s arsenal. It will not only soothe the affected area but also act as a barrier to prevent any further rubbing and discomfort. Apply some nappy rash cream at every change until the symptoms disappear. If your little one has particularly sensitive skin, you may choose to apply Sudocrem or a similar alternative at every nappy change to protect against friction and rashes.

Change Nappies Regularly

Nappy rash can be caused by the baby’s sensitive skin being in contact with a soiled diaper for too long. With this in mind, it is crucial to change them regularly throughout the day. Because newborns frequently urinate (their bladders are teeny tiny!), you should change their nappy around every 2-3 hours. You can stretch the timeframe out as they get older. Just make sure they aren’t walking around with a wet bottom. If you are using cloth nappies, be aware that they don’t wick away moisture in the same way as disposables, so they need to be changed more frequently.

Clean and Dry Between Their Legs

Just as adults can get chafed thighs from walking around with wet swimmers on, bubbas can get chafed bottoms from having a dry nappy put on when they are still wet. It is essential to keep this in mind both when you are changing a damp or poopy nappy and when dressing them after a bath or shower. Try to make sure that you pat them dry rather than rubbing. This is the best way to keep their sensitive skin calm.

Steer Clear of Soap

While they must be clean and dry, you need to steer clear of using soap on your baby. The same goes for a bubble bath as foaming agents can be overly drying for their skin, which can leave them prone to rashes. Lukewarm water is enough to wash your baby clean. It is also a good idea to bathe them once a day at most – many doctors recommend that small babies only need to be bathed every couple of days. Washing them too frequently can strip away the natural oils on the skin.

Size Matters

In some cases, nappy rash can be a sign that your bubba needs to go up in nappy sizes. If they are wearing a nappy that is too small, it could be irritating their skin. Check to see if you can easily fit your finger in between the nappy and their skin. Just be sure that they haven’t done a poo before you do the test! There’s nothing worse than spending the day worrying about whether the smell of baby poop is still clinging to your fingernails.

Follow the tips above, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about with your baby. If the rash perseveres or gets worse, you might want to get bubs checked out at the GP to double-check they don’t have another skin condition such as eczema or impetigo.

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