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Sleep like a baby! It’s good for your health:

Oh, to sleep like a baby, without a care in the world! Do you remember what that was like?
By Beverly Goldsmith
Date: August 20 2015
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Sleep like a baby
Oh, to sleep like a baby, without a care in the world! Do you remember what that was like? You didn’t have to yearn for a restful night. You’d simply snuggle down, get comfortable, and fall off to sleep. It was so, so easy. It still can be easy, if you know how. What’s more, it’s good for your health.
Wanting a good night’s sleep, but not always getting it, is apparently quite common in our fast-paced life. At one time, I didn’t sleep well. I blamed my bed. But three new mattresses and umpteen pillows later, I was still sleepless. I didn’t want to buy yet another bed, or take sleeping-pills, so I decided to try a new style of “bed-time thinking”. And it worked! Now, years later, I still have the same bed and pillows, and finally, contented, restful, nights. So here are tips and ideas to help you get a good night’s sleep, and to wake feeling refreshed.
- Before retiring, check your mental state. There’s a connection between what you think and experience.
- Don’t go to bed full of stressful, unsettled thoughts. It doesn’t lead to a restful sleep.
- Prior to bedtime, prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep. Slow your thinking down. Relax.
- Switch off the technology. Take a break. Completely stop what you’re doing, before getting into bed.
- Spend 5 minutes sitting quietly. Gently reflect on the day, pray, or meditate.
- Firmly believe “You can go to bed without fear; you will lie down and sleep soundly.” Proverbs 3:24 
- Don’t lie there worrying about tomorrow. You haven’t got there yet! Calm thought down. Stay in the ‘now’. Feel satisfied that you did what you needed to do in balancing work and family commitments.  
- Don’t obsess over sleep. It’s not the number of hours you sleep, but the quality of rest you get.
- Don’t get angry or frustrated about not sleeping. Be calm. Reject the thought that you “don’t sleep well”.
- If you do wake during the night, think of three good things that happened during the day, and silently give thanks for them. Gratitude is rest-giving. It stills anxiety, and restores both mind and spirit.
- Think about a caring, universal, divine Love tenderly enfolding you - like a baby’s soft blanket.
- Expect to sleep like a baby. Contented rest is within your mental grasp. You can be comfortable right through the night, and wake-up full of sparkling energy. Why not give this “bed-time thinking” a go!
Health writer, Beverly Goldsmith, is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing. Twitter: @GoldsmithBev
Image credit: © Glow Images. Model used for illustrative purposes.
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susan johnson says: 2015 08 20

Thank you for this post Beverly. As usual your advice is empathetic and wise, as well as practical.

There is no doubt, as you say, that if you go to sleep with a worried mind, you are likely to sleep poorly.

Calming thought, looking back on what you have accomplished that day, and expecting to sleep well can help everyone.

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