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Get energized!:

It's good for your health
By Beverly Goldsmith
Date: September 04 2017
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With the coming of Spring, it’s time to shrug off winter’s gloom, put a pep back in your step, and revive that sparkling energy which carries you effortlessly through the day. Cold, dark hours may have tricked you into feeling mentally sluggish, yet your inner get-up- and-go is there just waiting to be activated. So whether you’re at home or work, get energized. It’s good for your health.


If you want to be a love-life, energized kind of person, then spring into action. Don’t wait for the sun to come out, or for someone or something to raise your enthusiasm level. An energetic vibe, doesn’t rely on external factors like the weather or other people. Right now, you can invigorate your thinking and be a buoyant, lively person. So get cracking! Let in the energizing sunshine of these action-packed tips.


  • Break out of winter hibernation. Get energized. Ignite your inner spark of vitality. Expect to have a fulfilling life, all year round.
  • Cast off winter gloominess. Look forward. Have a goal. Start a project. Do something new. Share your good ideas with others at home and work. Make each day the greatest day of your life.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem. Be confident. Remind yourself that you’re doing well.
  • Enliven your daily life. Boost your cheerfulness level. Be grateful. Make your home a love-filled, happy place in which everyone can thrive.
  • Avoid the mental “midday slump”. Pause. Take a moment to refresh. Feel “the divine energy of Spirit, bringing us [you] into newness of life…”. Mary Baker Eddy Science and Health p.249
  • Be mentally proactive. Stop saying things like , I’m slowing down, I can’t or don’t want to do things. Push through the mental barrier of negativity. You CAN do what you need to do with vim and vigour.
  • Renew your inner strength by drawing on the divine Spirit. You’ll soar on wings like eagles; run and not become weary; walk and not grow tired. The Bible. Isaiah 40:31
  • Liberate yourself from believing that doing good is tiring. Spiritual energies can’t wear out.
    “Florence Nightingale and other philanthropists engaged in humane labours,” have shown that “The spiritual demand, quelling the material, supplies energy and endurance surpassing all other aids…”. Mary Baker Eddy Science and Health p.385
  • Be stirred into action. There’s an enlivening divine Power that enables you to live a happy, healthy life. So come on, don’t wait. Get energized. It’s good for your health.

Beverly Goldsmith writes about the connection between spirituality and health and is a Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science healing. Twitter: @GoldsmithBev

Image credit: © Glow Images. Model used for illustrative purposes

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Joy says: 2017 09 07

Here in Canada our seasons are the opposite of yours. Our fall is almost here, and your spring is arriving.
Even so, your article is great for any season!
Thank you!

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Pam says: 2017 11 10

a nice and interesting one motherpedia

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