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8 Vital Points To Consider For Being A Digital Age Parent:

Be digitally safe, mum and dads!
By Expert Tips
Date: October 24 2018
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As a parent, it is possible when you were growing up there were no things such as iPads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google phones or the impacts of the internet as it is in today’s world. Technology is associated with both good and bad impacts on the people, depending on how these people opt to use it. Being a parent in today’s digital world can be very overwhelming because you have an added responsibility to protect your children from the negative effects of technology specifically the use of the internet.


Some of the negative impacts include cyberbullying, phone and internet addiction, online identity theft and bad health impacts such as eye damage or sleep disorders. If you want to raise your techno-savvy children in the right manner, kindly consider the following tips, and they will come out just well.


1. Control When Your Child Should Know Anything About Technology

Every child who is two years and below should not be introduced to any screen unless it is very necessary such when communicating with loved ones through video chatting. Experts say that if you consider introducing your children to screens such as television or any other devices, it would be advisable that you watch with them and explain everything that is happening. Once they are over five years, you should control the screen time of your child still to avoid them getting addicted, affect their development or develop some health issues.

2. Control The Amount Time Children Spend With Technological Devices

You may be wondering of what time may be considered too much when your kid is using these devices. This aspect should not only depend on quantity, which is the number of hours spent but also the quality of this time in a child’s development. For instance, if a child spends two hours watching cartoons on TV or spends two hours creating artwork or music, the second activity is highly valuable to a child’s growth and development. This means that a parent should consider not only the amount spent in front of the screen but also the quality of the activity being done by the child. However, the parent should also ensure that this time does not take all the time the child needs to play outside or interact with other children because it is important for his mental and physical development.

3. Consider The Impact Of Providing A Device To Silence A Toddler

Sometimes children tend to cry or throw tantrums to make their parents hand them a device. Some parents usually give in to their innocent manipulation and end up giving out the devices. Are you supposed to do this? If it is done in moderation, it is very much okay, but it should not be the only thing that helps you keep your child under control. The question of much time they spend with the device also matters because they might get used to the device and throw tantrums every time they want to manipulate you.

4. Control How You Use Technology When Around Your Children

Children get exposed to technology through other people’s use of technology in front of them. As a parent, you may be wondering if you should hide when using technology or if it’s okay to use it even when your children are around. As an adult, you most probably will need to use technology when your kids are at home for work, and rather than hiding, you can find some activities to keep them occupied such as private tutoring. If you don’t have anyone in mind who can do this, you can search from the internet and online companies nowadays can guide you in finding the best local tutor without even stepping out. You can also find other things they can concentrate on in the house rather than being with you when you are using technology.


5. Consider The Impacts That Technology Would Bring In Your Child’s Communication Skills

One thing you need to know is that children who are exposed to technology at a very young age may experience delayed speech. This means that if whenever your child cries, you always opt to give a device to silence them, they will get used to silence and forego every opportunity to learn the language or talk casually. Therefore unless the child is using the device to learn some communication skills, limit the time they spend with technology and communicate more with them.

6. Consider If Your Child’s Exposure To Technology Would Bring Health Issues

If children are exposed to too much screen while still young, it is possible to affect their eyesight because they are still developing strength of their vital organs and these include the eyes. Again, the blue light produced from the screen at night can cause some sleeping disorder thus depriving your child enough sleep. Avoid too much exposure to the screen light to protect your child’s eyes and his good night sleep.

7. Protect Your Child From Social Media

Social media is one technological advancement that has heightened cyberbullying causing young people to commit suicide. Some parents find it fascinating to share photos of their children online or even open a social media account for them. This is very wrong. Your child might grow up and be haunted by something that you posted about them when they were still young. They say the internet never forgets and it is high time parent become more careful with what they do on social media. When your children get older, they will decide on what they want to post about themselves on social media.

8. Protect Your Child’s Online Privacy

There are people out there who are determined to use technology the wrong way. Sometimes you may find your teenage daughter or son’s image on online platforms without their consent just because someone wanted to embarrass or harass them. That’s cyberbullying, and you are supposed to report such cases and then find help for victims of cyberbullying. Also feel free to talk to your children on how to protect their privacy on online platforms rather than wait until the damage is done.

Technology is very important in people’s day-to-day lives and can be very helpful to both parents and their children if and only if it is used responsibly. As a parent, learn how to use technology without harming the life of your children.

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