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Getting up off rock bottom:

Regardless of how you feel, you're not alone and you can get off that rock writes Coach Bobbi.
By Bobbi Chegwyn
Date: September 25 2014
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Rock bottom is a place many of us have experienced in our lives - including the highly successful children's author, JK Rowling as is evident in the quote in the main image. 

Many people feel that it is a permanent state without hope of change. We feel like our energy is depleted; that any form of good fortune is not for us; and that regardless of what actions we take things don’t seem to change.

However, everything is made up of energy, including you. This energy is driven by your belief cycle, which incorporates your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and strategies.

I have put together some tips on how to lift yourself up from the state of rock bottom by altering the energy you emit from one or all of the belief cycle components. I’ve had to learn this myself.

Firstly, acknowledge the emotional space you are currently in.  Aim to do this without judgement of the emotion or of yourself and with the understanding that all emotions, all states, all challenges and experiences are presented to you as an opportunity for your own growth, learning and evolution.  Society often labels the opposite of joy as a ‘negative’ state however all emotions provide a holistic human experience and it is in this space that greater awareness can be found.

Then without judgement, choose to receive your current situation, instead of aiming to run from or repel it. Receiving does not mean owning, receiving allows what is to meander where and how it should.  In the choice to receive this energy, you will be receiving any gifts that come with this energy, allowing anything that is not for your greater good to flow through and away from you.

If the concept that your current state could be a positive life lesson is hard to grasp right now, consider the gift of hindsight and embrace that.  Take hindsight - the ability to look back and realise how a road travelled was necessary for your greater journey - and embrace it with trust that all is working in your favour. If you choose to work with this for your greater good, the ‘light bulb moment’ and life altering- realisation that will propel you in a bigger, brighter and better direction, will come.

Lose expectations and control over the outcome. Control stems from fear; but trust opens up limitless possibility and assistance. Become open to all ways, not just your way. You will be surprised at what shows up for you!

Ask yourself whether this current, seemingly unwanted state is actually serving you on a deeper level? 

This is the time to catch yourself out, call your own bluff and stop kidding yourself if indeed this ‘unwanted’ place that you are in is actually giving you what you subconsciously need. If you don’t know why you are  sabotaging your life flow but are keen to find out, a qualified Life Coach can take you through this process to discover the key to unlock unwanted beliefs and patterns.

You are so much more than you may think you are. As long as you choose to see the way, you can choose to take the next step. As long as you choose to take one small step, you will come closer to your joy. And when you find your own joy, you are home.

My own life is filled with joy, abundance and happiness – today.  However, like you, I am a real woman living real, day-to-day experiences and challenges. 

The steps above originate from my own personal strategy to move up and away from the times when I too have hit rock bottom.  I do not teach anything I have not lived myself and my wish for anyone struggling is to know three things:

  • You are not alone
  • It can get better
  • You do deserve a life you love.

And it commences today.

* * *

I am conducting a workshop on how to create a kick-ass life on Saturday 8th November from 1-5pm. Details below. 


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aimee t says: 2014 10 17

Thankyou for this article, i think it’s truly beautiful and a refreshing read. A great way to go into the weekend, being [positive minded. Being a mum is tough and i personally have my down moments, but am not afraid to ask for help when needed.

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