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It is a mistake to see bullying as just a school-based problem… Read more


It can be difficult for teens to open-up to their teachers, especially about bullying. But parents are in a… Read more


I am a mother of 3 adult children who, at age 63,… Read more


Analysis of a large-scale study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies suggests a significant under-reporting of school… Read more


Cool kids at school are less likely to succeed as adults, with less popular children usually… Read more


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Princess Mary of Denmark has helped launch a new cybersafety initiative to provide peace of mind for Australian… Read more


Senior primary school students are being recruited to mentor their younger buddies about cybersafety as part of an… Read more


Bullying is the biggest issue facing Aussie kids today.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released… Read more


Hearing that your child is being bullied can cause a wide range of emotions. Parents may react with… Read more


Only one in seven parents (14%) are confident they would know the signs that their child is bullying… Read more


The psychological consequences of being teased or bullied as a child because of one's weight can be far-reaching.

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It's all "very active, very loud and so much fun", Hall says. In other words, not your typical… Read more


A web poll conducted by ASG shows 64 per cent of parents would not be able to help… Read more


Brodie, a waitress, took her own life in 2006 after being subjected to workplace bullying at a Melbourne… Read more


School Education Minister Peter Garrett made the announcement during the first ever national anti-bullying forum at Parliament House… Read more


Speaking to students at a Sydney high school at the launch of the… Read more


The survey of almost 800 Victorian students found 72 per cent of year 9 boys and 65 per… Read more


Clubs have joined together with local high schools in NSW's Murray region to take a stand against "bullying,… Read more

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The latest research on bullying however, sheds new light on why people become bullies and the results may… Read more


The Bullying No Way! site was launched on Friday as part of the national day of action against… Read more


The Queensland University of Technology study, involving 3112 students from grades 6 to 12 in nearly 30 schools… Read more


Appearing at Harvard with TV mega-star Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga launched her Born This Way Foundation - named… Read more


Would you know if your child was the school bully? Psychologist Jodie Benveniste says most parents don't - until… Read more


Cyber bullying can be random, but it often originates with someone the victim knows in real life. Children… Read more

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