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What’s it ‘tooth’ you?:

Is your child waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come visit?
By Media Release
Date: March 06 2017
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The Tooth Fairy has no idea what sort of precedent she’s setting! Australian kids are taking a bigger bite out of the Tooth Fairy’s coffers, with some reaping a staggering $40 per tooth.

New research by Australian oral care expert and natural care brand Jack N’ Jill Kids found the average rate for a first tooth has hit $3.51, giving children every reason to smile.

The recent survey about the Tooth Fairy found today’s kids are grabbing up to 289 per cent more per tooth than mum and dad.

Some cashed-up parents are even shelling out a whopping $40 per tooth in Western Australia and NSW.

Keeping up with rising living costs could send the magical winged creature broke. Inflation alone will double the cost to almost $7 but if the previous growth trend continues, by 2050 the Tooth Fairy could shell out around $30* a tooth.

Of more than 1,000 survey respondents, 536 parents give their children money and/or a special treat from the Tooth Fairy, with the average tooth worth $2.62.

The parents themselves averaged 91 cents per tooth when they were young.

Award-winning social researcher, best-selling author and futuristic demographer Mark McCrindle said the results were fascinating, noting that even the Tooth Fairy is responding to the rising cost of living.

The rate of a tooth would organically inflate in line with standard changes of the cost of living.

“The cost of parenting has exponentially increased – things like the value of presents, pocket money and teeth are all higher and children certainly are happy with this, given the diversity of products available to junior consumers.”

“It’s no surprise we’ve seen an increase in the rate of a tooth, but the scale of the increase is interesting and in line with this generation’s ‘expectation inflation’,” he said.

“The digital and tech space has contributed to the fact that children have so much more to spend their money on now, with items like downloadable music and games accessible within the pocket-money currency.”

The survey also found that gender, where you live, how many siblings you have and whether you’re the oldest, youngest, or in between all impact how much money is left under the pillow.

Children in our nation’s capital have Australia’s most affordable teeth, with first teeth being traded for an average of $1, followed by South Australia at $1.93.

On the flipside, kids in New South Wales and Western Australian boast Australia’s most valuable teeth, with some first teeth fetching as much as $40 in these states, but with an average of $4.50. Victorian, Queensland and Tasmanian kids fall in the middle range.

In keeping with family feuds, the birth order of a child influences how loose the Tooth Fairy’s purse strings are.

First born children get more for their baby teeth, with an average of $3.51 for their first tooth and of $2.62 for other teeth.

The youngest receives less than the first born, with the first tooth fetching an average of $3.19 and a normal tooth valued at an average of $2.50.

And no surprises here, the middle child loses out when it comes to the Tooth Fairy – only receiving an average of $3.13 for their first tooth and an average of $2.33 for other teeth.

However, if the third child is a girl, they are in luck as they take home more per tooth than their male counterparts, with an average of $2.90 and $2.16 respectively.

Jack N’ Jill co-founder Rachel Bernhaut said the results were surprising, showing changing trends in Tooth Fairy habits.

“Our survey found interesting statistics surrounding the rate of a tooth depending on geographical location – we also conducted conversations with parents finding various changes in Tooth Fairy traditions,” Rachel said.

“Some parents even expressed that children no longer understood the idea of the Tooth Fairy and instead were fixated on what they were getting in relation to their school friends.”

Tooth Fairy Tradition

For Australians, the thrill of waiting for the Tooth Fairy is a childhood memory we remember well! As tradition goes, once you lose a baby tooth and place it under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy will arrive during the night and swap your tooth for a coin. Some say the Tooth Fairy is using these teeth to build a giant castle. Why not make this tradition even more special for your child with the adorable Jack N’ Jill Tooth Keeper Pillow.

Jack N’ Jill Tooth Keeper Pillow RRP $9.95

Teeth are more valuable than you think, so protect them with Jack N’ Jill’s latest product – the adorable Tooth Keeper Pillow.

Made from 100 per cent organic cotton outer and stuffing, the Tooth Keepers come in six gorgeous characters and are just what you need to attract the Tooth Fairy! Whether you pop it under your pillow or have it hanging, the Tooth Keeper Pillow will make it easier for the Tooth Fairy to find your teeth – no more rummaging under pillows.

About Jack N’ Jill

Founded by Rachel and Justin Bernhaut, Jack N’ Jill is a natural care brand for babies, toddlers and children. Made in Australia, the brand was established in 1949 and following a re-launch in 2011 is now sold in more than 37 countries worldwide. The product range uses only natural and organic ingredients - with packaging designed to be minimal, recyclable and BPA free. It is the only kid’s natural care brand recognised by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep researchers to have a danger score of ‘1’ – the safest rating possible. Jack N’ Jill is available online and from selected pharmacies and health food stores. Visit to find out more or join the conversation on Facebook.

*Inflation 2%, by 2050: $6.74. Intergenerational method: 289% growth per generation. By 2050 (two more generations), $29.32

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