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5 reasons why you should switch your toddler to goat’s milk:

Is goat's milk better for your toddler?
By Expert Tips
Date: March 14 2018
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Does your child or toddler show signs of being sensitive to cow’s milk, or are you just looking for natural alternatives? Then it may be time to consider goat’s milk. Toddlers who show a sensitivity to cow's milk, with symptoms such as colic, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea and facial rash, are switching to goat’s milk as it may result in these reactions being reduced or even disappearing altogether.

Below are five benefits Goat’s Milk can offer your toddler:

1. Goat’s milk has unique properties that make it closer to human milk than standard cow's milk, such as Protein and fat structure, nucleotides and oligos.

These include:

  • Unique protein and fat structures which are similar to human milk,

  • The amount of nucleotides which assist in cell development are similar to those found in human milk,

  • The prebiotic oligos found in goats milk are structurally closer to breast milk than standard cow's milk,

  • The amount of phospholipids that assist with brain development and gut health are found in similar quantities to human milk.

2. Many children that have cow’s milk sensitivities may find goat’s milk easier to digest.

Reasons for this may be:

  • Goat's milk formula has many natural digestive properties like lower levels of the allergenic A1 casein,

  • Naturally higher levels of prebiotic oligos,

  • Naturally high levels of phospholipids which reduce gastrointestinal infections,

  • Higher proportion of medium chain fatty acids than cow’s milk which aid with Colonic health and digestibility.

3. The natural prebiotic oligos in Oli6 promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduce harmful bacteria like E.Coli.

The benefits of this are:

  • Healthy bacteria in the gut can help toddlers to break down food and absorb nutrients and may also be beneficial in preventing food intolerances. Goat’s milk provides nutrients that trigger the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Components in goat’s milk called oligosaccharides have been shown to reduce intestinal inflammation, promote healing as well as the growth of healthy gut bacteria,

  • Oli is short for Oligos,

  • Oligos are natural prebiotics that are structurally closer to breast milk than standard cow's milk,

  • There's six times the amount of prebiotic oligos in goat's milk compared to cow's milk,

  • Prebiotic oligos promote good bacteria and reduce the incidence of bad bacteria like E.Coli to assist with gut health and digestion.

4. Oli6 is naturally high in essential vitamins and minerals that naturally aid growth and development.

This is because:

  • Goat's milk contains 46% more vitamin A than standard cow's milk to develop of sight and vision,

  • Goat's milk naturally contains 37% more vitamin C and 33% more magnesium than cow's milk for growth and development,

  • Goat's Milk naturally contains 10% more calcium than standard cow’s milk for teeth and bones.

5. Oli6 is Australian owned and manufactured

Australian owned and manufactured, the Oli6 formula adheres to the strict Australian regulatory guidelines, so you can be sure that you are providing your toddler with a delicious and nutritional product.

Some toddlers readily accept any formula being offered to them whilst others may refuse new products or take time to gradually transfer across. Slowly changing formulas is ideal when transitioning from one formula to another. Interested in trying goat’s milk for your toddler?

Oli 6 has convenient sachets which are ideal when first trying your toddler on goat’s milk formula.

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